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The Best Sun Joe Pressure Washer

Let’s take a look at the best Sun Joe electric pressure washer, analyze 3 critical but constructive customer reviews of it and find out the $10 upgrade you need to make… 

Sun Joe Pressure Joe Logo

Have you ever had an idea for a better way to design or make a product but done nothing about it? I know I have…

…Well, Sun Joe’s founder had an idea. But instead of doing nothing he got it made and founded Snow Joe, Sun Joe’s sister division, to sell it. Joseph Cohen was 17. His “idea” was a reliable snow thrower for under $100.

Now, more than 10 years later, the company has 20 products across the lawn and garden sector – pressure washers included.

Here’s a video of the “sweet-spot” pressure washer they offer:

Best Sun Joe Pressure Washer Option

1) Sun Joe SPX3000 2,030 PSI 1.76 GPM Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe 2030 PSI Electric Pressure WasherThe Sun Joe Pressure Joe is a powerful unit for the price. Combining its PSI and GPM you get 25% more cleaning power than the #1 rated AR Blue Clean AR383.

You also get a stainless/brass pressure wand instead of plastic and it comes with 5 quick connect spray nozzles.

If you’re looking for an affordable yet powerful electric pressure washer for around your home then the Sun Joe is a respectable option. Be sure to upgrade for $10 to the brass coupling to connect the garden hose. It’ll be displayed in the Frequently Bought Together section just below the Sun Joe listing at this link:

What Customer Have To Say

The 3-star reviews tend to be the most thought out and helpful. The 1-star reviews tend to be hateful without any actual feedback. And the 5-star tend to just be gushing love without ANY constructive feedback.

Here’s a few excerpts of the most useful reviews:

“It works pretty good, but”

Review by Warren Redlich (Albany, NY) on

While working with it, it fell over forward. The minimal force of this lightweight thing falling forward caused the hose to dislodge from the body and ripped through the cheap threadings in the nozzle piece that connects the machine to the hose.

My thoughts: Upgrade for $10 to the brass coupling. It will appear as Frequently Bought Together during the buying process.

“Its an ok power washer”

Review by Jc on

I bought this to clean 10 years of dirt off my house. The unit itself is nice and seems to be well built. The detergent container lids are frustrating to close sometimes. The unit is just not powerful enough to remove hard core dirt on vinyl siding in an efficient way. It worked if I held it about 1/4 inch away from the surface but that is not feasible for doing a whole house. This unit would be sufficient for cleaning driveways and doing light work but if you have some stubborn caked on dirt it might not cut it.

My thoughts: Most pressure washer brands actually recommend a heavy-duty unit for house siding. So Jc’s experience is perfectly understandable. The Sun Joe is meant for smaller less intensive cleaning jobs like patio furniture, vehicles and your driveway.


Review by Alan L. Weaver on

Don’t get a cleaner with a reel up on the hose, they use a smaller cheaper hose! This one is great.

My thoughts: This is actually an important point. A thicker/stronger hose would be harder to roll up in the reel. As such, maybe some of the reel washers have to compromise and use a less sturdy hose so it easily winds up?


Sun Joe has done a decent job listening to customer feedback. They have room to improve but for the most part have succeeded in creating a solid electric pressure washer.

As you can see from the reviews above, they have some downsides but they aren’t deal breakers. You can eliminate the most common problem by spending $10 to upgrade from plastic coupling to brass.

All-in-all there is some solid competition atop the electric pressure washer medium-duty category. This one, the AR Blue Clean, the Greenworks one and the Campbell Hausfeld unit. If you want the most powerful unit out of them all then the Sun Joe Pressure Joe is your go-to machine:

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