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7 Things Everyone Ought To Know About Silicone Lubricant Grease Before Applying To O-Rings

Silicone Lubricant for o-rings ultimate guideMany people see lubricants and grease as an afterthought.

A nice-to-have to prevent squeaking and rust.

But look:

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Lubrication is as important to mechanical engineering design as screws, welding, bearings, gears, clutches, brakes, couplings, flywheels, shafts and axles.

In my university Mechanical Engineering Design textbook, lubrication has its own chapter – taking up 6% of the 958-page Seventh Edition. It comes after rolling-contact bearings and before gears.

How big do you think the lubrication industry is?

It’s huge. The global market for lubricants was more than $55 billion USD in 2015. And it’s growing…

…With this amount of consumer spending, massive lubricant and grease company marketing spending follows. The marketing competition is fierce and gives you mixed messages, is confusing and creates too many choices of lubricating grease.

So when it comes to the niche lubricant category of o-rings, pressure washer hoses, pumps and the pressure washing industry in general, which are the lubricants and greases you need in your toolbox?

Let’s dive right in to find out.

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New: Find Your Local Pressure Washing Specialist in These 12 States

Best Pressure Washing Services ContractorsWe have already released the best pressure washer services in the 5 most populated areas of the 35 highest population states.

And we have heard from many people (from Florida to Texas to Oregon) that those recommendations have helped get quality pressure washing jobs completed without fuss or hassle.

So after many many MANY hours of research we are ready to give you a bunch more recommendations for pressure washing companies.

See here:

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The Ultimate Guide to Pressure Washer Trailer Setups (How to Find Your Perfect Trailer Mounted Rig)

Pressure washer trailers ultimate guideIf you earn a living pressure washing…

You know: time is money.

Small electric and medium-duty gas pressure washers are fine if you want to spend a leisurely Saturday cleaning just your driveway and back patio.


  • If you plan on pressure cleaning an entire truck fleet…
  • Or an entire parking lot…
  • Or an entire commercial shopping mall building…
  • Or 8 residential driveways…

In. A. Single. Day.

Then you need to invest in a big rig that can quickly clean large surface areas. You need a powerful pump capable of up to 8 GPM. You need hot water, longer hoses, water tank, spare fuel… And you need it all to go from one job to the next day-in-day-out (without fuss).

You need mobile pressure washing equipment. You need the best pressure washer trailer setup to do more power washing in less time – earning you more money per day.

Sound about right?

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How To Pressure Wash Your Car’s Engine Bay

How to pressure wash engine bayWhen it comes to using a pressure washer to clean your car’s engine and engine bay area, there is a right and wrong way to do the job:

Pressure washing your car engine can be safe, for sure, but should you even bother?

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PSI, GPM, Heat, Chemicals – Which is the most important factor for efficient pressure washing? [FAQ013]

PSI GPM heat chemicals cleaning factorsToo many people are only concerned about pressure washer PSI when buying, renting or using a pressure washer.

The pressure the pump can deliver is important only to knocking dirt and grime loose from the surface. PSI doesn’t tell us anything about its ability to carry the debris away from surface before it sticks again. For that, we need to look at the flow rate in gallons per minute (GPM).

More experienced power washer users will know about cleaning units (CUs), which is GPM x PSI. A 2,000 PSI machine with 2 GPM has 4,000 CUs. Combining PSI and GPM into one number gives a better idea of total cleaning power/ability.


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Take a Look at the Global Headquarters of 22 Massive Tool, Equipment and Construction Machinery Companies

Tool company global hq pics intro imageEver wonder what a multi-billion dollar tool company’s global headquarters looks like?

Are they in city skyscrapers or a sprawling corporate campus outside of town?

Are the executives swimming in rooftop pools? Is there a chef, free laundry service and barber like all the Silicon Valley companies have?

Or, are they ordinary, focused on shareholder value with minimal perks and just floors-and-floors of cubicles and corner offices?

Let’s use Google Earth and take a look what can be seen. Here are 22 birds-eye view pics of the global headquarters of USA favorite tool, equipment and construction machinery companies like Caterpillar, John Deere and Snap-on.

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Tool Industry Behemoths: The Tool Companies Who Make and Own Most Tool Brands

Tool brand behemoths who own and make most tool spent 56 hours investigating the global hand & power tool industry.

The goal was to find the tool companies who make and who own most of the tool brands you know and love.

All the research is boiled down into two useful infographics:

  • Graphic #1 allows you to quickly see the tool companies who control the global tool market cashflow (the top 4 control 48%)
  • Graphic #2 allows you to quickly check the parent company who owns each brand of hand & power tool

Below each graphic is an in-depth look how the data was found (tax forms, annual reports etc.) and any assumptions made. Enjoy.

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Discover Your State’s Favorite Tool Brand

Favorite Tool Brands of Each State

237 tool brands were examined with Google Trends to find out each state’s favorite.

With United States as the region and 2016 as the timeframe, each tool and equipment brand was input to Google Trends to find the state it was most searched relative to total searches.

Your state’s favorite tool/equipment brand is not the most searched in total, but the most searched relative to your state’s total searches compared to all other states.

For example, Google Trends data for Bernie Sanders in 2016 shows he’s most popular in Vermont. This makes sense because it’s his home state.

  • Without Google Trends to adjust the data, California would emerge the state he’s most favored because 62 times more people live there
  • With Google Trends, we can see he’s more than twice as popular in Vermont than any other state

This map shows each state’s favorite tool/equipment brand:

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The Ultimate Guide To Honda Powered Pressure Washers

Honda Powered Pressure WashersHonda has come a long way since its early days supplying piston rings to Toyota.

In fact, in 2016, Forbes ranked Honda Motor Company the 23rd most valuable brand in the world with a brand value of $25.2B.

Vision of the Honda red engine on power products is often all the convincing we need the product is reliable, good quality and great value.

For this reason, 51 power equipment companies choose Honda engines to power their equipment…

… And in total, 16 pressure washer brands choose Honda small engines to power their pressure washers.

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