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The Best Small and Portable Light-duty Pressure Washer

There’s no better way to clean your vehicles, lawn equipment and patio furniture than with a small and portable pressure washer. A light-duty pressure cleaner is electric powered and has a PSI around 25x a garden hose. They cost $80 to $130 and are light, quiet and easy to get started using.

Light Duty Pressure Washers Image

Each week for 2 years I cleaned my work truck with a bucket of soapy water and a broom. Given the dusty and muddy environment each clean took 20 minutes.

That’s 35 hours over 2 years.

Then I bought a light-duty electric cleaner. No idea why I waited so long. With my cleaner in hand the job became fun. Each clean took 1/2 the time and no longer did I have to break my back pushing the broom hard to remove the grime.

You save time, water and effort for only a small investment up front with a light-duty cleaner. You just plug the cord in, connect your garden hose to the unit and pull the trigger to start cleaning.

Examples How People Use Their Light-duty Cleaners

Washing your vehicles is the most obvious use of a light-duty cleaner but you can use them for many things:

Here’s the difference a little pressure washing makes in real life:

Light Duty Pressure Washing Examples

Light-duty Unit Durability

Light-duty units are not just lower power and price. They are specifically designed for less usage than a heavy-duty unit. Their parts are not commercial quality.

If you plan to use your light-duty unit daily – like someone would at a car wash business – just know that this extended frequent use wear it down much quicker. You’ll save money in the long-run if you invest more upfront on a unit designed to take a beating daily.

Picking The Best Light-duty Pressure Washer For Most People

1.) AR Blue Clean AR118 1,500 PSI 1.5 GPM

AR Blue Clean AR118 - PressureWashrWhen it comes to value for money there is no better light-duty than the AR Blue Clean AR118. It has 1500 PSI, 1.5 GPM and weighs 12 pounds.

As you can see in the picture it is a handheld machine. It can also be wall mounted to keep it out your way if you only plan on using it in one spot.

It is the smallest, most portable unit out there without sacrificing cleaning power.

An Alternative Light-duty With Wheels

2.) Sun Joe SPX1000 1,450 PSI 1.45 GPM

Sun Joe SPX1000 - Best Light Duty Pressure WasherIf you want to roll your pressure cleaner around instead of picking it up then the Sun Joe SPX1000 may be the better option.

It has 1450 PSI, 1.45 GPM and weighs 12 pounds. You’ll notice in the picture how small and compact the unit is to easily find storage room in your garage.

Both washers come with a universal motor and wobble-plate axial pump. Choose this one if you want the wheels and yellow.


  1. The AR Blue Clean website explains the specs and features of their AR118 washer. It also has the User Manual for each of their products online. This makes it handy for research purposes.
  2. Sun Joe’s website has a detailed FAQ for their SPX1000 cleaner, and also some good info on the motor and pump. In addition, there’s a video showing them unbox the washer.
  3. The images in the before after style image above were sourced from r/powerwashingporn on Users: lx45803Margerine_Man and bakuretsu were the original uploaders.