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The Best Medium-duty Pressure Cleaner For Most People

Medium-duty pressure cleaners are the most popular. The most versatile. They hit a sweet spot with pressures ranging from 1,700 to 2,800 PSI (40x garden hose pressure) and prices ranging from $120 to $350. Some are electric. Some are gas. And – with the right nozzle – there’s no reason why a medium-duty can’t be used for light-duty jobs. 

Medium Duty Washers Image

My friend makes $100 a driveway with his medium-duty gas pressure cleaner in Florida.

He also does decks, oil stained garage floors and other residential surfaces. All with a medium-duty. All in his free time outside of his regular job.

Why am I telling you this? Because you could easily payoff the pressure cleaner by charging to clean a few friends driveways (be sure to read your units warranty conditions before doing this).

Regardless if you decide to do that or not owning a medium-duty cleaner saves you money in the long run. And saves you time and effort in any cleaning efforts around the house.

Check Out What You Can Do With A Medium-duty:

Medium Duty Pressure Washing Collage

  • Medium-duty pressure washers are great because they can do light-duty jobs faster and also do some larger driveways and decks because of their extra power and flow rate.
  • Just look how much better surfaces look clean – am I right?

Picking The Best Gas Powered Medium-duty Power Cleaner

1.) Generac 6596 2,800 PSI 2.5 GPM

Generac 6596 2800 PSI Gas Powered Residential Pressure CleanerGenerac’s new line of residential pressure washers is pretty sweet. Not only do they look robust but they are also top in class for performance and value for money.

Generac’s 2,800 PSI and 2.5 GPM model is the best gas powered medium-duty unit out there. It’ll cost you nearly $300, but with Generac’s engine quality it will last you many years.

It comes with 4 quick-change nozzles so you can adjust the force hitting the surface. This means within seconds you can go from blasting your driveway clean to spraying your car down without worrying about the pressure on the car panels.

Picking The Best Electric Powered Medium-duty Pressure Washer

1.) AR Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI 1.5 GPM

AR Blue Clean 383 - Best Medium-duty Pressure WasherThe most popular of all pressure cleaners (not just electric or medium-duty) is the AR Blue Clean AR383. And there’s good reason for it…

…It only costs $150, and yet, you get 1,900 PSI and 1.5 GPM. As you can see in the picture it stands upright and has a hose reel, wheels and a handle for easy moving.

It has a universal motor and an Annovi Reverberi – Italian top quality pump – made of aluminium. Being electric it can be used for indoor jobs without breathing in smoke and is very quiet and low maintenance. It’s one of the top-rated units on Amazon with a 4.1 out of 5 star rating after 2000 customer reviews.

Deciding Between Gas and Electric

The medium-duty type of pressure cleaner is unique because there are both electric and gas options to choose from. So how are you to know which one is for you?

  • Electric – More affordable, quieter, less maintenance, doesn’t require trips to the gas station. However, the cord can be annoying and limiting and although the machines are more affordable then are less durable. Get an electric style washer if you only plan to wash thing close to your home where an electric outlet is accessible and only plan to wash for a few hours a weekend at most.
  • Gas – More expensive, louder, smelly fumes, more maintenance and can’t use machine in poorly ventilated indoor areas. Also it requires trips to the gas station for fuel refills. However, you free yourself from the electric cord and get a more powerful pressure washer that will last more years and hours usage than medium-duty electric. Get gas if you want the power and freedom, especially if you need to power wash a further distance from your home or need to wash around others homes and don’t have access to electric outlet.


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