Making dirty things clean is oddly satisfying.


I find almost nothing more satisfying than pressure washing really really dirty surfaces clean with high pressure water. Seeing the dirt get blasted away is just great.

So for the purposes of getting you to agree with me I’ve put together 15 amazing examples to show you the true satisfaction power washing can give.

Without further ado, here are the 15 pictures:

1. Check out how much better this car’s gas cap area looks after being pressure cleaned.

Pressure washing car gas cap clean

2. Take a look at this trailer dirty and then clean. Very nice.

Pressure cleaning semi truck trailer clean

3. Don’t you just love the contrast of the clean yellow and dirty black mud?

Power washing hydraulic cylinder clean

4. Quite the long driveway… Gunna look brand new in no time.

Pressure cleaning a long driveway

Here’s how to pressure wash your concrete driveway.

5. Another example of something looking old and crap just because it’s dirty. The clean version of the trailer looks like a million bucks.

Power cleaning a trailer

6. Pools get really nasty. Pressure cleaning is the best option for cleaning them with ease.

Pressure washing a pool

Here’s how to pressure wash your pool.

7. Just a red go-kart looking awesome again.

Pressure washing a red go-kart

8. This brick wall got pretty gross, didn’t it? Nothing a little power washing can’t handle.

Pressure washing a brick wall

9. Clean wood is so darn beautiful .

Pressure cleaning wood deck

Here’s how to pressure wash your wood deck.

10. I once spent 2 hours cleaning my work truck by hand. A pressure washer does the job in 10 minutes.

Pressure cleaning a work truck

Here’s how to pressure wash your truck or car.

11. Kitchen exhaust hoods can get very nasty and nothing cleans them easier than a hot water power washer.

Power cleaning a kitchen exhaust hood

Check out the best hot water pressure washers here.

12. This guys job would be much easier with a surface cleaner pressure washer attachment. 

Pressure washing concrete patio

Here are the best pressure washer attachments.

13. Another shot of pressure cleaning wood.

Pressure cleaning wood deck

14. The dirty side looks really slippery.

Pressure cleaning concrete steps

15. It shines. 

Power washing wood deck

Yeah, so there you go.

Want to do the same?

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