Do you like stepping into wet boots or shoes?


Then you need the best boot dryer.

And since your boots/shoes always get wet pressure washing your driveway, car or whatever else, we thought researching the best boot dryers on the market to be a good idea.

After 2 hours of research we found 5 brands and 3 styles of boot dryers to be dominating the market.

In this article we go deep into the brands, types and styles of boot dryer and show you the best on the market.

Let’s jump right in.

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3 Best Boot Dryers

Best Overall Boot Dryer For Most People.

DryGuy DX Forced Air Dryer

Dry Guy Boot Dryer Full Size

We believe the best boot dryer is the DRYGUY DX forced air.


Dry Guy Boot Dryer Adjustment Knob Closeup


  1. It allows you to adjust the amount of forced air entering your boots. More forced air equals quicker dry time. Other boot dryers take overnight and don’t have the forced air option.
  2. It is a beast and allows you to dry 2 pairs of boots or shoes at one time. Or 1 pair of boots and a pair of gloves. Many other boot dryers only do 1 pair at a time.
  3. It is sturdy and won’t tip over no matter how big your boots are. How does it do this you might ask? Well, it comes with extension tubes so longer muck boots or steel toes can slot down and make a lower centre of gravity.

After buying and using the DRYGUY we surprised by a few things:

  • It dried stuff really fast because of the forced air feature. We’re talking bone-dry boots in less than 1-hour on the high setting. And gloves dried even quicker.
  • It made more noise than we imagined. It is by no means loud – and you will likely be using it in a garage or mud room out of sign – but it is as loud as a blowdryer on a low setting.

Get an idea of the best boot dryer noise level in this video:

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Takes Longer to Dry But is More Affordable.

PEET, The Original

PEET 2 Shoe Boot Dryer

Another great boot dryer is this 2-shoe boot dryer by PEET brand.

It is not a forced air model and is mostly silent. It uses a heating element and as it heats up the hot air rises up into your boots to dry them.

Because it does not have the forced air it will take overnight (at least 6 hours) to dry your wet boots or shoes.

But it shouldn’t be a problem since it uses the same amount of electricity

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Most Portable. Inserts into Your Shoe or Boot.


KOODER boot dryer

The most portable (smallest) boot dryer fits right into your shoes.

You can take them with you in an overnight bag with ease.

They work like any other boot dryer and are silent and use very little energy.

These are also only $15-20 depending where you buy them so you could buy 2 sets and still be cheaper than the models above.

If you’re on the fence about if you really need a shoe dryer grab then for a first go.

See on Amazon here… 

How a Boot Dryer Works

A boot dryer is a simple electrical appliance that dries shoes, boots and other garments with heat.

How does it generate heat?

It turns electrical energy into heat with a heating element. Once the heating element heats up air it moves up through the tubes in the boot dyer and enters your boot to dry them.

A forced air boot dryer will also have a small electric motor and fan blowing air into the shoes to dry them faster. Here are the electrical specifications for the Dry Guy DX forced air boot dryer.

Dry Guy Electrical Tag
  • AC 120 Volts 60 HZ and 230 Watts

Frequently Asked Questions

Are boot dryers bad for boots?

No, boot dryers are good for boots.

  • They increase lifespan by stopping mold, mildew, fungus and other bacteria from growing. This also helps stop odors.
  • Shoe dryers are also safe for other garments: gloves, ice skates, toques, hats, scarves and more.

Can you leave a boot dryer on all night?

Yes you can. They use very little power – about as much as a laptop or desktop depending on the type of boot dryer. Most boot dryer are designed to be in-use overnight as it will take that long to dry your shoes or boots. Others use forced air (and more power) but dry your stuff in 1-3 hours.

Can a boot dryer catch on fire?

It shouldn’t but you can never say never. For example, if the boot dryer electrical cord is frayed it can transfer heat to carpets or curtains (which could set them alight). As for the boot dryer internals – they are designed to be used for extended periods and are safe to do so.

Do boot dryers make noise?

Yes, some are mostly silent, some are as loud as a blowdryer on low setting.