The Best Sun Joe Pressure Washer – Buying Guide and Review

best sun joe pressure washers

Let’s take a look at the best Sun Joe electric pressure washer for most people, talk about the Sun Joe accessories and parts you need to own and find out the $10 upgrade you need.

Have you ever had an idea for a better way to design or make a product but done nothing about it? I know I have…

…Well, Sun Joe’s founder had an idea. But instead of doing nothing he got it made and founded Snow Joe, Sun Joe’s sister division, to sell it. Joseph Cohen was 17. His “idea” was a reliable snow thrower for under $100.

Now, more than 10 years later, the company has 20 products across the lawn and garden sector – pressure washers included.

Quick Review of Sun Joe’s 3 Best Pressure Washers

Picture Model RatingPower (PSI x GPM)
Sun Joe Spx3000 Top Electric Pressure CleanerSPX30004.33,573
Sun Joe pressure washer spx3001SPX30014.43,573
Sun Joe pressure washer spx1000SPX10004.22,103

Best Sun Joe Pressure Washer For Most People’s Needs

Best In-Class Value For The Money

1) Sun Joe SPX3000 2,030 PSI 1.76 GPM Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX3000 Click To Buy on Amazon Image

The Sun Joe Pressure Joe is a powerful unit for the price. Combining its PSI and GPM you get 25% more cleaning power than the #1 rated AR Blue Clean AR383.

You also get a stainless/brass pressure wand instead of plastic and it comes with 5 quick connect spray nozzles.

If you’re looking for an affordable yet powerful electric pressure washer for around your home then the Sun Joe is a respectable option. Be sure to upgrade for $10 to the brass coupling to connect the garden hose. It’ll be displayed in the Frequently Bought Together section just below the Sun Joe listing at this link:

See current price here…

Read our in-depth hands-on Sun Joe SPX3000 review

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Video of the sweet-spot pressure washer: Sun Joe SPX3000

To get introduced, have a watch of this video review of their SPX3000 2,030 PSI 1.76 GPM electric pressure washer, 14.5-amp:

Video Takeaways:

  • Sun Joe has made it very easy to go from unboxing your new pressure washer to cleaning your fence. Assembly only requires a screwdriver – everything else is quick connect.
  • Everything you need is included out-of-the-box, including 5 nozzles and 2 detergent tanks. There are no batteries or special connectors you need to buy extra.
  • Sun Joe offers a variety of accessories and extensions to improve the performance of the Pressure Joe pressure cleaner.

Sun Joe SPX3001

Added Hose Reel and Improved Look

See Sun Joe SPX3001 on Amazon

Sun Joe pressure washer spx3001

Sun Joe came out with a new model in 2016 that included an updated look and a hose reel.

It costs a little more but is still very highly rated and has become one of the bestselling units on Amazon. It has a 2-year warranty and is a perfect first electric pressure cleaner for around your home.

If you like Sun Joe so far and want their newest model (and really want a hose reel) then this is your best option.

See price on Amazon here…

The Most Affordable Electric Pressure Cleaner Sun Joe Offers

Small, Portable and Most Affordable

Sun Joe Electric SPX1000 Pressure Cleaner

Sun Joe pressure washer spx1000

As you can see this option from Sun Joe is very small and compact – it only weights 12 pounds with the above machines weighing double.

Despite being light and small it still has the cleaning power to satisfy light-duty outdoor cleaning tasks. It is 1,450 PSI and 1.45 GPM… Enough for small patios, your car, outdoor furniture.

Check it out as a beginner model to get started pressure washing to see the fun you can have.

Buy on Amazon

6 Sun Joe Pressure Washer Parts and Accessories

Sun Joe pressure washer parts and accessories

1.) Rotary Scrub Brush

A rotary scrub brush will help clean tough spots like your garbage bin and car wheel wells. It uses the water pressure to rotate the scrub bristles further helping to remove dirt and grime from the surface. People love how it allows to get up close to a surface to remove the dirt without risking damaging from the water force.

2.) Extension Hose

An extension hose will allow you to clean a larger area without having to return to move the pressure washer machine. It saves you time and hassle and for the low price is worth it.

3.) Surface Cleaner

A surface cleaner is specially designed with two rotating nozzles in a circular enclosure to clean flat surfaces with precision and ease. It allows you to cover a large area fast and has a much more even, less streaky clean. The enclosure keeps any debris from kicking-up and breaking a window.

4.) Extension Wand

A telescoping extension wand is a must have if you plan on cleaning your two-storey home, gutters or anything that would otherwise require a ladder. Even though all Sun Joe machines are either light or medium-duty they still have some kick-back and a ladder can quickly become unsafe to use.

5.) Gutter Cleaner Attachment

You can now clean your gutters while standing firmly on the ground. No more ladders or walking around on your roof – damaging it and risking possible fall. This is a must-have Sun Joe part because it makes cleaning much neglected gutters effortless.

6.) Turbo Nozzle

What is a Sun Joe Turbo Nozzle

A turbo nozzle rotates a 0-degree spray at 25-degrees around the vertical axis to form a cone spray. You can see in the graphic what I mean. This has the advantage of having the full force of the jet spray but never focusing that force for long enough to cause damage.

Sun Joe Compared To Other Electric Pressure Washer Brands

Sun Joe vs. Greenworks

Sun joe vs greenworks electric pressure washer
  • Price: Both are in the same price range
  • Pressure: Both have around 2,000 PSI
  • Flow: Sun Joe has 1.76 GPM compared to Greenworks 1.2 GPM
  • Rating: Sun Joe has star rating on Amazon of 4.3/5  and Greenworks 3.6/5
  • Verdict: Sun Joe wins because for the same price you get slightly more PSI and GPM

Sun Joe vs Ryobi

Sun joe vs ryobi electric pressure washer
  • Price: Both priced in the same price range
  • Pressure: Both have around 2,000 PSI
  • Flow: Sun Joe has higher flow rate with 1.76 GPM compared to Ryobi with 1.2 GPM
  • Rating: Sun Joe is rated higher (4.4 vs. 3.1), is more popular (one of the top 5 selling electric pressure washers on Amazon) and Sun Joe has more size options.
  • Verdict: Sun Joe wins

Recommended Place To Buy a Sun Joe Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe electric pressure washers sell online and in big-box retailers. You can buy them at/from the following places:

  • – The most convenient place to buy with usually the best price. Place your order and buy the Sun Joe at Amazon and it will arrive fast.
  • – You can order the Sun Joe from its corporate website –
  • The Home Depot – Visit your nearest The Home Depot or go online and purchase the Sun Joe from them.
  • Lowe’s – Is their a Lowe’s closer to you than The Home Depot or Walmart? Sun Joe is available at Lowe’s.
  • Walmart – Check out the Sun Joe at your closes Walmart if that’s most convenient for you. is the recommended buying option because it is the largest shopping website in the world allowing you to quickly compare costs and have the fastest shipping.

Wrapping Up The Sun Joe Review and Buying Guide

Me Testing Out Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer

Sun Joe has done a great job listening to customer feedback. They have room to improve but for the most part have succeeded in creating a solid electric pressure washer.

As you can see from the reviews above, they have some downsides but they aren’t deal breakers. You can eliminate the most common problem by spending $10 to upgrade from plastic coupling to brass.

All-in-all there is some solid competition atop the electric pressure washer medium-duty category. This one, the AR Blue Clean, the Greenworks one, the Ryobi and the Campbell Hausfeld unit. If you want the most powerful unit out of them all then the Sun Joe Pressure Joe is your go-to machine.


  1. Snow Joe + Sun Joe.
  2. Sun Joe 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer SPX3000.
  3. Where To Buy.

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