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Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Pressure Washer Deals (Updated For 2017)

Black Friday Cyber Monday Graphic
Buy a pressure washer during Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and save up to 29%

Update Dec 3, 2017: Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017 deals have ended… We saw 5 pressure washer deals in total and sold out one of the models.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the beginning of the Christmas shopping season…And what better way to get it started in 2017 than by saving money when you buy your loved one or friend a pressure washer?

A pressure washer can clean their/your driveway, grill, back patio, back deck, front steps, sidewalk, roof, house siding, fence, car and almost anything you can imagine – in less time, while cleaning deeper and saving water.

Here you will see the 5 best power washer deals in both gas and electric styles. Be sure to act fast as last year all the pressure washers on sale sold out before the end of deals week.

Is Black Friday/Cyber Monday the Best Time of Year to Get a Pressure Washer Deal?

Yes it is a great time of year to buy – on average, the best time of year.

Here’s the past pricing data for you to look at.

The below chart is based on the past 4 years of pricing trends and is Black Friday vs. Yearly high and low pressure cleaner prices:

Pressure Washer Prices on Black Friday Compared to Other Times of Year Chart

Of 8 different power washers looked at, 6 have their lowest prices (or very near lowest) during Black Friday Cyber Monday deals week. And it is no coincidence as all 8 have their highest prices in different months and none try to trick you by raising their price just before Black Friday so they can pretend to lower just before.

Best Gas Powered Black Friday and Cyber Monday Pressure Washer Deals

Buy a gas powered pressure washer if you want a more powerful sturdy unit that will last many years to come.

The most expensive electric power washers for home-use are about the same price as the cheapest gas ones for home use.

Here are the best deals we can find:

Affordable. Even With The Pricey Honda Engine

Simpson MegaShot 3,100 PSI 2.5 GPM With Honda Engine Pressure Washer

Update: Deal ended

MSRP: $529     Current Deal Price:

Simpson MegaShot 3100 PSI Gas Pressure WasherNot only is the Simpson the best gas powered pressure washer deal it is one of the best units on the market. Simpson powers them with the Honda GX190 engine for ultimate durability.

They are also equipped with a long-lasting axial cam pump. These are the most popular pumps for heavy-duty home-use pressure washers and will give you a solid lifetime.

This machine is best suited for big driveways and should only be bought if you’re serious about pressure washing on a regular basis.

See full specs here…

Huge Cyber Monday Savings To Get This Upgrade

Simpson PowerShot 3,200 PSI 2.8 GPM

Update: Deal ended

Simpson Cleaning ps3228-s Pressure WasherThis is the more powerful Simpson with a bigger Honda engine and better more long lasting pump.

Take advantage of this deal to upgrade from the MegaShot above and get the better longer lasting pump on the PowerShot.

Check the Amazon price at the link below to get the current deal.

See Amazon price here…

Best Electric Powered Black Friday and Cyber Monday Pressure Washer Deals

Buy an electric powered pressure washer if you want the most affordable option. An electric pressure cleaner plugs into your outlet and is great for smaller cleaning jobs like your car and back patio. They can still clean your driveway but it will take much longer than a gas powered machine because the flow rate and PSI is much less.

Here are the best electric Cyber Monday deals:

The Best Cyber Monday Pressure Washer Deal (So Far)

Sun Joe 2,030 PSI 1.76 GPM Pressure Washer

Update: Deal ended

MSRP: $229.99     Current Deal Price:      % Saved:

Sun Joe pressure washer spx3001Sun Joe is a small company that focuses on making a few great products. They make snow blowers. They make power washers. Not much more. This means they can put the extra effort into the little details (although I’m not sure why they still have a plastic garden hose connector instead of brass – I would suggest an upgrade to brass).

Their washer is highly rated around the inter-webs with an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. People love how it is 2,030 PSI and yet affordable. People were a bit disappointed with the plastic garden hose connector, which was prone to cracking if you yanked on the garden hose when attached. You can upgrade to brass for $7.49 just search for “Universal pressure washer garden hose quick connect kit”.

If you don’t need the power of gas and would prefer the silence of electric head on to the link below and check it out in full.

See full specs here…

A Brand New Karcher Model

Karcher K1700 Cube Style Induction Motor Electric

Update: Deal ended

Karcher K1800 Black Friday Pressure Washer DealKarcher is the most popular and biggest maker of electric pressure washers in the world. This allows them to build and design at scale – offering you excellent bang for buck.

This pressure washer is the current best deal for pressure washers in the lead up to Black Friday.

The best reason to take advantage of this deal is because this is their first cube style model coming with the better induction motor (longer lasting, quieter). So if you’re already in the market for an electric machine then take a look at this deal ASAP:

See on Amazon here…

The #1 Most Reviewed Pressure Washer on Amazon 

AR Blue Clean 1,900 PSI 1.5 GPM Electric

MSRP: $199.99     Current Deal Price:      % Saved:

Best Electric Pressure Cleaner Buyers GuideAR Blue Clean are professional pump and motor manufacturers. Their history is in Italy with the Annovi Reverberi pump company. And the Ravel electric motor company. Combine those two expertise and what do you have? A pressure washer company.

AR Blue Clean brand was created to sell pressure washers in North America. Since they did that 1989 they have done amazing. Although there are newer model from AR Blue Clean this model is on sale.

Check it out at the link to see more photos and a video.

Another Great Option For The Beginner Pressure Washer

Karcher 1,600 PSI 1.25 GPM Electric Pressure Washer
Karcher k2.300 1600 PSI Electric Pressure WasherKarcher is the most popular pressure washer brand in the world. And in the USA. They are far and away the most popular. They sell electric and gas pressure washers to home owners and to professionals. This is their best deal for Black Friday.

It has 1,600 PSI and 1.25 GPM so it would be considered light-duty. It is best for small jobs like cleaning your car and your small deck or back patio. The great thing about it though is it is so affordable.

If you’ve never owned a pressure washer before this is a great starter buy. Check out a video of it in use at the link here:

Your Questions: Answered

Are these the Cyber Monday deals as well?

Yes. Cyber Monday deals and Black Friday deals are the same thing. Black Friday is just the Friday after Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving. Do you have Friday off but are too busy to do any shopping? Then check out the deals on Cyber Monday when you have more time.

Which pressure washer should I buy?

Do you have a big property and want to pressure clean on most weekends? Yes, then get the gas powered Simpson. The most affordable gas powered machines are around the same price as the most expensive electric residential units at around $250.

Do you live in the city and just have a small driveway and limited outdoor area? Yes, then get one of the electric ones. Electric pressure cleaners are perfect for small jobs. It’s not they can’t clean big areas, only those areas will take much longer to clean because of the lesser flow rate of water.

Will they deliver the pressure washer to my front door?

Yes. All these pressure washers will be delivered to your front door. Usually within 5-8 days. However, you can speed up the delivery by paying for Express shipping. If you are an Amazon Prime member then the power washer will be delivered today or tomorrow depending on your area.

Can I wash my car with a pressure washer or will it damage the car?

Yes you can wash your car with a pressure washer. Just make sure to hold the pressure wand a few feet from the car.

How much maintenance is required for the gas power washer?

No more than your gas lawn mower. The User Manual will give detailed instructions on the maintenance requirements. Usually it is no more than cleaning the air filters after 5 uses.

Wrap Up

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals week is a great time to start buying your Christmas gifts. You will save money and get all the shopping out of the way. And what better way to avoid the rush than to shop online?

After looking through the deals there are many power washer deals to take advantage of. We selected the above because they are the best ratio of great deals and great products.

In the past these pressure washers have been in limited stock and have sold out. Be sure to act fast to secure your deal.


  1. The history of AR Blue Clean is laid out nicely in their company history page. The page is in Italian so you may need to translate it.
  2. The full history of Black Friday is detailed on its Wiki page here.