Did you love taking things apart as a kid?

Yeah? (I loved it, too)

When did you last take a machine apart just because you could?

Two years ago? Not since you were a kid? Well, we got you covered…

…Here you’ll get to see a disassembled AR Blue Clean brand electric pressure washer with its 144 parts organized neatly.

Here’s what the AR Blue Clean pressure cleaner looks like put together:

[If you want to try pressure washing, you can see all AR’s product line here]

AR Blue Clean Electric Pressure Washer Put Together

And here’s what it looks like taken apart, with its 144 parts organized neatly (click to make bigger):

Disassembled AR Blue Clean Electric Pressure Washer With All its 144 Parts Organized Neatly

This pic shows where the pump and motor parts are:

AR Electric Pressure Washer Showing Pump and Motor Parts

What do you think?

Is 144 parts more or less than you thought it would have?

My big surprise was how few bolts were used and how much plastic clip-in fastening was.

Taking the entire pressure washer apart took me around 2 hours because there was lots of fiddling getting the pump and motor apart as I didn’t want to break anything.

Behind The Scenes

Let’s take a look at some more pics from the disassembly and photo shoot.

Here’s what the AR looks like with the front open:

AR Pressure Washer With Front Open

And with the entire casing off showing the internals:

Electric Pressure Washer Open Showing Pump and Motor

I disassembled it with a screwdriver, needle nose pliers and wrenches and then spent time organizing it neatly on flooring I had bought:

Disassembled AR Pressure Cleaner Showing Person Arrange Parts

Here’s the camera setup.

I had a friend come over with his DSLR camera and some lightning equipment. The disassembled pressure washer was in the PressureWashr test facility and we needed to find a way to get a proper birds-eye view picture. Here’s the camera setup we ended up with. It’s a piece of a tripod hung from the shed purlins:

Camera Setup for Pressure Washer Photo Shoot

And here’s a better view of the lighting setup.

The white boards reflected the flashes to increase brightness and try and reduce shadows:

Disassembled Pressure Washer Showing Photo Lights Setup

Do you like this type of thing?

Would you like to see a gasoline engine powered pressure washer taken apart?

How many parts do you think it would have?

Well… Stay tuned because the disassembly has already happened and will be sharing the images shortly.

Update: Here is the gas pressure washer teardown (Briggs & Stratton)


  1. pressurewashr.com original AR photo.

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