What’s your pressure washer budget?

  • Under $1000?
  • Under $500?
  • Under $400?
  • Under $300?
  • Under $200?
  • Under $100?

After talking to 78 people interested in buying a pressure washer, those were the 6 budget ranges people were willing to pay for a pressure washer.

After price, the second important buying criteria is gas or electric powered. Then the PSI x GPM (cleaning power) comes into play.

In the shopping guide you will see the types and styles of pressure washer at each price range and then the best value for money power washer at each price range (for example: under 500, under 300 and under 100) – whether it be gas, electric, medium-duty or commercial-duty.

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Pressure Washer Prices 101 – The Types and Styles of Pressure Cleaner at Certain Price Ranges

First off, let’s check out all the different types and styles of pressure washer you need to know about:

Types and styles of pressure washer infographic
  • Cold water: Pressure washer has no ability to heat water.
  • Hot water: Ability to heat incoming water by up to 150 degrees F (65 C).
  • Electric: Use electric motor to turn pump and requires cord plugged into electric outlet.
  • Gas: Uses small engine to turn pump and required gasoline and regular maintenance.
  • Light-duty: Small machine with pressure (PSI) outputs less than 1,700 PSI.
  • Medium-duty: Medium power washer with PSI outputs between 1,700 and 2,800.
  • Heavy-duty: Large with PSI output above 2,800.
  • Commercial: Nothing to do with PSI… Commercial grade power washers are meant for daily-use (think rental machines) and have better grade components.
  • Direct drive: A pressure cleaner pump type that is directly connected to motor or engine via shaft. This causes pump to run faster and have less lifespan.
  • Belt drive: A pump connected to the power indirectly via belt/pully system. Pump runs slower and cooler.
  • Trailer or skid mounted: These systems are for mobile contract cleaners and come mounted ready for business use. Often they come with a water tank for remote jobs.

What Different Types and Styles Cost

Now that you know the different types and style, let’s see what the following price ranges get you (on average).

Price up to $150

In this range you’ll be able to buy an entry level cold water electric. The most affordable one is $99 and is a light-duty (residential).

Prices between $150 – $300

In this range you’ll be able to get a cold water electric, but this time it’ll get you a more powerful medium-duty (residential).

You can also get a cold water gas at the upper boundary of the range.

$300 – $800 (ideal residential-use budget)

Here you’ll be able to move into the cold water electric light-duty commercial range.

Also, cold water Heavy-duty (residential) gas machines. And medium-duty commercial.

$800 – $2000

Now we can movie into all the following styles and types:

Cold Water Electric

  • Medium-duty (professional)

Hot Water Electric

  • Light-duty (semi-pro)

Cold Water Gas

  • Heavy-duty (4,200 PSI, 4 GPM) (pro)
  • Belt-drive (4,000 PSI, 4 GPM) (pro)

$2000 – $4000 (minimum commercial-use budget)

Cold Water Electric

  • Heavy-duty (4,000 PSI, 3.5 GPM) (pro)

Hot Water Electric

  • Medium-duty (2,500 PSI, 3 GPM) (pro)

Cold Water Gas

  • Belt-drive (5,000 PSI, 5 GPM) (pro)
  • Skid-mounted medium-duty with 150-gallon water tank (pro)

Hot Water Gas

  • Medium-duty (2,700 PSI, 3 GPM) (pro)
  • Heavy-duty (4,000 PSI, 4 GPM) (pro)

$4000 and Beyond

In this range you’ll get the best of the best for industrial use:

Hot Water Electric

  • Heavy-duty (3,000 PSI, 4 GPM) (pro)
  • Skid-mounted belt-drive heavy-duty (pro)

Cold Water Gas

  • Belt-drive (7,000 PSI, 4 GPM) (pro)
  • Trailer mounted heavy-duty with 150-gallon water tank (pro)

Hot Water Gas

  • Skid-mounted belt-drive heavy-duty (5,000 PSI, 5.5 GPM) (pro)
  • Most expensive ($25k): Trailer mounted belt-drive heavy-duty (5,000 PSI, 5.5 GPM) with 300-gallon water tank and generator (pro)

Now let’s look at the best value power washer for under $100, under $200, under $300, under $400, under $500 and under $1000.

Best Value Power Washer at 6 Most Popular Pressure Washer Price Budgets

*Note: Price ranges below represent the manufacturers suggested retail price and are not the price it will be listed on Amazon.com. It is only the manufacturers suggested price. Click the buttons below to see current Amazon list price.

The best value means the most bang for your buck. So we’re looking at top durability, reliability and power, for fair affordable prices.

Best Power Washer Under $1,000

Simpson PowerShot w/ Honda Engine

Simpson cleaning ps4240h pressure washer

If you’re looking to spend under 1000 – but happy spending more than 500 – the best value machine is the heavy-duty gas powered Simpson PowerShot powered by a Honda engine.

This machine costs around $850 – $950 and comes with a direct drive triplex pump, which is an ideal setup for heavy weekend use for many years to come.

With 4,200 PSI and 4 GPM flow it will surely have all the cleaning power you need for around your farm or home or job site.

See full specs on Amazon here…

Best Under $500

Generac SpeedWash

Generac 7019 OneWash 3100 PSI Top Pressure Washer

The best power washer under 500 is a brand new pressure washer from Generac, this ‘SpeedWash’ allows you to turn a dial to throttle the engine giving you ability to change output PSI very quick and easy…

…This is a top asked for feature and Generac has delivered it in a hurry. Generac is the top home backup power generator company in the world and makes other power equipment to compliment their product line.

Do you already own a Generac generator? Does it work great like most people say? Then it makes perfect sense to have a in-depth look at their pressure washer:

See full specs here…

Best Under $400

Simpson MegaShot

Simpson MegaShot 3100 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

The best for under 400 is easily the gas powered Simpson Megashot. It is the pressure washer I own and keep, while continuing to test and then sell all the others.

It offers amazing value for money costing (sometimes) as little as $300 – $350. Simpson Cleaning, owned by FNA Group, is able to achieve this by making pressure washers at scale in their extensive manufacturing facilities in the USA.

Oh and it has a Honda engine, so it’s easily the best gas pressure washer under $400.

See Price on Amazon

Best Under $300

Karcher K5 Premium

Karcher k5 premium pressure washer

In the best pressure washer under 300 price range we get our first electric powered with the Karcher K5 Premium.

What makes it the winner?

For starters it is made by Karcher, the world’s largest power washer company.

And why is that important?

It allows them to manufacture at scale – saving money – which they can pass down to you.

This is evident by the fact it has a water cooled induction motor… Usually these more affordable electric machines have a air cooled universal motor, which is less durable and will fail after less running hours. Induction motors are also much quieter (less screechy). So you’ll be able to pressure wash in relative peace and quiet.

See price on Amazon here…

 Best Under $200

The best value pressure cleaner for under 200 was the hardest to choose.


Because this is the most crowded price range. There are around 100 different models from 20 brands to choose from. But ultimately it came down to two electric pressure washers: AR Blue Clean and Sun Joe.

AR Blue Clean

AR Blue Clean AR390SS Electric ressure Washer

I own and use this AR Blue Clean on a weekly basis around the home. You’re not going to see the power of a gas machine but do you need it?

I’ve found the main advantage to cleaning power (PSI and GPM) is speed. You can make quick work of large surfaces. With the AR Blue Clean you save lots of money upfront but it does take longer to clean each project. So if you’re cleaning projects are small, this AR is a great machine to get.

See it on Amazon here…

Sun Joe

Another popular pressure washer at this price is the SunJoe. The brand has spent lots of money improving their first model from years ago and it shows in their ratings.

See it on Amazon here…

Best Under $100

GreenWorks Light-duty Electric

Greenworks gpw1501 light duty pressure washer

One of the most affordable pressure washers on the market comes from GreenWorks – a company that only sells electric power equipment.

It’s a small pressure washer but if this is your budget it’s the best option.

You’ll be able to pressure wash patio furniture, your BBQ grill and other bigger project will just take longer.

See full specs here…

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