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Liebherr car wash. Here’s what happens when you dump 22,000 litres of water on a car from 6 metres high.

A common question about pressure washing is: If I wash my car with a heavy-duty pressure washer will it damage it?

The answer is that you can avoid damage by using the correct nozzle at the correct distance. The more heavy-duty the pressure washer the further you should keep the stream from the car.

When I watched this video of a Liebherr R9400 Shovel dropping 22 tonnes (22,000 L) of water on a car it made me think about pressure washing a car with super crazy heavy-duty pressure.

Anyways, that’s why I’m sharing it with you here. It’s pretty cool to watch. There’s some pictures after the video.


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The water, from that height, has the equivalent momentum (mass x velocity) of that same car going 50 mph (80.5 km/h). And if you look at the damage to the car… It’s about the same as you would expect from a car accident at that speed, yeah?

10 Pictures of The Liebherr Car WashLiebherr Car Wash


  1. I originally came across the YouTube video from this reddit post. And this is the Liebherr page for the shovel.

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