Most Googled Power Equipment in Every Country Intro ImageEver wonder what your countries most popular power equipment is?

Is it pressure washers? Leaf blowers? Lawn mowers Chainsaws? Or something else…?

We took a Wikimedia Commons blank map and used Inkscape to mark different areas a color based on what power equipment is most searched in Google each month. To get the data Google Keyword Planner was used.

The power equipment we checked monthly searches for included: pressure washer, lawn mower, air compressor, log splitter, hedge trimmer, chainsaw, portable generator, tiller, edger, sump pump, snow blower, leaf blower, paint sprayer and welders.

Without further ado, here are the maps showing the most Googled power equipment of all areas in North and South America.

Click on maps to zoom.

Here’s The World View Map

It’s interesting how dominant certain power equipment is in distinct regions. Why are air compressors highly searched in Asia? Why are chainsaws so dominant in South America?

Your Countries Most Googled Power Equipment

Here’s The Map Looking at U.S.A. and Canada in More Detail

Why are people in Maryland searching for snow blowers more than anything else? Why are sump pumps dominant in Quebec? Weird.

The Power Equipment Most Googled By Each State and Province in North America

People love their lawn mowers.

I guess it makes sense since most people have lawns that need mowing. I would have thought Alaska and more areas in New England would have preferred looking up snow blowers online than lawn mowers. And it just seems odd that random states love looking up air compressors. Who knew?

Here’s a Zoom in of Europe

Norway and France like their cultivator tillers.

Europe Closeup

Here’s a Zoom in On Asia

Why all the air compressor searches? Can anyone shed any light on this?

Most Googled Power Equipment of Asia

All-in-all I was extremely surprised with these maps. I expected lawn mowers to be dominant but I never expected chainsaws and air compressors to be the most popular in so many countries.

Maps created by Pressure washer reviews website

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