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Awesome news! will turn two years old on March 14, 2017.

To celebrate, we dug through analytics to find our 10 most shared pages.

You’ll love this stuff… Interesting infographics, charts, quizzes, and special reports.

Take a look:

PressureWashr’s 10 Most Shared 

1.) Mythbusters’ 21 Best Water-based Myths [Infographic]

Pressurewashr mythbusters infographic
  • 400,000+ views on Imgur
  • 130,000+ views on
  • Shared and loved on 9Gag, reddit, DailyInfographic, Twitter

Our Mythbusters 21 Best Water-based Myths infographic has been heavily shared and loved to say the least.

But have you seen it?

2.) Tool Industry Behemoths [Special Report]

Pressurewashr most shared chart tool industry behemoths

We spent an entire week on this special report. 56 hours over 7 days. It was worth the work. Nothing like it existed before but it was needed to answer the questions so many people had about “what parent companies own what tool brands?”

For example, did you know the popular tool brands: Stanley, Black & Decker, Craftsman, DeWalt, Porter Cable, Mac Tools and Bostitch are all brands owned by the parent company Stanley Black & Decker? Yup.

If that little tidbit fascinates you, then you’ll love the entire report.

3.) Depth Each State’s Most Voluminous Lake Creates if Evenly Distributed Over its Land [Geographic Chart]

Empty lakes onto states land pressurewashr map chart


Yeah, you read the title right.

We created a geographic map chart to show how deep a lake would be created if each state’s most voluminous lake was emptied out evenly onto the state’s entire surface area.

Weird? Yes.

But people loved the thought experiment and you might too.

4.) World’s Most Powerful Water Pump [Special Report]

Pressurewashr report on worlds most powerful water pump

A pressure washer has a pump. So, naturally, we had to know the biggest pump ever put on a pressure washer.

From there, we had to know the fastest water pump by flow rate per second in the world. And then we had to see how fast that pump could fill or empty real and hypothetical volumes of things. And all that fun stuff is in this special report.

Sound interesting?

5.) The Extraordinary Volume of the Pacific Ocean  [Infographic]

Discover volumes pressurewashr infographic

After reading the XKCD comic called Radiation Dose Chart which shows the radiation being emitted from many common things, the idea to do the same with common volumes emerged.

The idea was to represent common volumes (backyard swimming pool, airplane, oil tanker, Lake Tahoe etc.) with a cube and then build up the cubes to get to the bigger volumes… All the way up to the volume of the Pacific Ocean.

It turned out to be popular (with some constructive feedback on the layout).

Have a look for yourself.

6.) World’s Biggest Small Engine Producers [Special Report]

Pressurewashr special report on biggest small engine makers

Having been noticed by, this special report was able to take-off and get a ton of love.

After spending many many hours digging through small engine manufacturers (Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Kohler, Subaru, Kawasaki to name a few) financial statements and tax filings enough data was gathered to come to conclusions about the world biggest small engine producers.

We made a few charts and graphs to quickly see who makes the most small engines for power equipment.

7.) Each State’s Favorite Tool Brand [Geographic Chart]

Pressurewashrcom map chart each states favorite tool brand

Using data from Google Trends we created a U.S. map with the logo of each state’s favorite tool brand within.

It took forever to create and reveals some weird things.

For one, why the heck are Texans so interested in the CAT Pumps triplex pump brand?

8.) Guess The Power Equipment By its Sound [Quiz]

Pressurewashr power equipment sound quiz

This really did happen.

I went out, recorded the sound of 10 different pieces of power equipment and made a quiz to test how well you know your equipment by just its sound.

How easily do you think you can identify a pressure washer sound? Portable generator sound? Snow blower, leaf blower, log splitter, tiller?

9.) Each Country’s Most Googled Power Equipment [Geographic Chart]

Most googled power equipment type pressurewashr map chart

We created this map chart while procrastinating starting work on the #7 most shared PressureWashr page above.

It turned into an interesting chart that shows what power equipment (English language name) each country is searching in Google.

Have a look:

10.) Why Pressure Washers are Fun [15 Images]

15 Pictures Show Why Pressure Washing is Fun

You know when you take a wet cloth and wipe a really dusty wood surface clean? That feeling of satisfaction seeing all the dust disappear?

With a pressure washer you can do that to all types of surfaces outdoors. Get rid of mud. Clean concrete.

The possibilities are many.

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