Pressure Washer Direct Vs. Pressure Washer Authority – Which is the Better Pressure Washer Store? [FAQ009]

Where should you buy your pressure washer and pressure washer accessories and parts online?

There are many many options including Amazon, Power Wash Store, Home Depot, Power Wash, Pressure Washers Direct, Pressure Washer Authority and more.

In this series you’ll learn the best pressure washing stores.

Today we compare

We compare the following things:

  • Number of pages on website
  • Number of links pointing to website
  • Amount of traffic website gets
  • Is there a physical store to visit to buy gear?
  • Is the website mobile friendly?
P Direct Versus P Authority

Size of Website

Pressure Washer Direct: 8,720 indexed pages in Google

Pressure Washer Authority: 3,380 indexed pages in Google

Both websites are large in terms of number of pages. Pressure Washers Direct has been around since 2002 and Pressure Washer Authority since 2007. For comparison has about 130 indexed pages.

Another thing to note is that Pressure Washer Direct has many more words per page. Even on strictly product pages P Direct has more content.

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Links Pointing To Website

Pressure Washer Direct: 595 unique websites linking

Pressure Washer Authority: 424 unique websites linking

Both websites have relatively few links. For comparison, a site like has 1 million unique websites linking.

What does this tell us?

It tells us that other websites trust the information on the site.

Website Traffic

Pressure Washer Direct: 43k unique visitors per month

Pressure Washer Authority: 150 unique visitors per month

A website relies on traffic to make sales. The more traffic you can get the more chance you have of turning those people into customers. Pressure Washer Authority gets almost no traffic. Which makes me believe they make very few sales from their online store (which is probably why it hasn’t been updated since 2007).

Pressure Washer Direct on the other hand get a good amount of traffic and makes a good amount of sales. In fact, they have been in the INC 5000 as the fastest growing company in America for the 6th consecutive year.

So how is P Authority not out of business? Well here’s why:

Is There a Physical Store To Visit?

Pressure Washer Direct: No.

Pressure Washer Authority: Yes.

Authority has a physical store in Texas, and that is also where they have their shipping centre and warehouse.

Direct has a distribution centre in Illinois but not physical store.

Is The Website Mobile Friendly?

Pressure Washer Direct: No.

Pressure Washer Authority: No.

If you are on a smartphone you will have trouble using both sites. You have to zoom in and zoom out to the point where it will be annoying to use the site.

I would assume P Direct is currently creating a mobile version of their website but haven’t completed it yet.

How Good is The User Experience of The Website?

Pressure Washer Direct: Desktop computer experience is 8/10

Pressure Washer Authority: 6/10

Both websites the text is too small and they try to cram too much onto one page. P Direct is easier to use and less cluttered but could still be better. P Authority needs an update.

Wrap Up

Pressure Washer Direct is the clear winner. But that is because they rely on their online store to make money. Pressure Washer Authority relies on their physical store for their revenue.

Both online stores could be improved to make them more mobile friendly.

Both websites offer a wide range of pressure washers and accessories.

P Direct has taken great care to make their website easy to use so that you find your pressure washer fast.