Pressure Washer Foamer – Is It Worth It?

A pressure washer can be used with a foam cannon attachment.

This attachment works by mixing high-pressure water with detergent so that a thick foam is produced.

If you’ve ever seen someone washing their car with thick foam and wondered how they managed to achieve that, now you know – they used a pressure washer foam cannon!

Do you really need a foamer? While you might think pressure washing with water alone is enough, sometimes you will need the addition of foam to provide a deeper clean for your clients’ requirements.

However, there are some important pros and cons related to pressure washer foamers to know about. Let’s explore them.

What, Exactly, Is A Pressure Washer Foamer?


A pressure washer foamer, or foam cannon as it’s sometimes called, is a canister that has nozzles on the top so you can connect it to a pressure washer.

As a result of the pressurized water produced in the pressure washer, the canister blends soap, air, and water so that thick foam is produced. This makes it useful for washing a car, but you can use a pressure washer foam for other cleaning tasks.

A foamer is usually designed with a wide-based canister that’s transparent so you can check how much soap and water is inside it.

It contains a suction tube that pulls the soapy water into a brass connector. One side of the connector has a quarter-inch quick-connection plug that connects to the pressure washer gun. The connector will also have an adjustable nozzle and a soap control knob.

Pressure Washer Foamers: What Are Their Pros?

pressure washer foamers

Using a pressure washer foamer can save you time and energy! Here are some of its benefits.

  • A pressure washer foamer cleans dirt effectively. Dirt and debris can get stuck to paint and other surfaces, which can be difficult to remove with soapy water in a bucket. When using a pressure washer foamer, thick foamy water that’s sprayed onto the surface you want to clean clings to it better, which means the cleaning detergent in the foam stays on the surface for a longer period of time. This breaks down dirt and removes it all in one go.  
  • A pressure washer foamer prevents scratches. Whether you want to use a water pressure foamer to clean windows, a car, or deck, it won’t damage surfaces. When you rub and scrub at dirt by hand, you can easily cause scratches – and your client won’t be happy. Spraying foamy water in a highly pressured state, by comparison, only pushes the dirt, debris, and bugs from the surface without causing damage to it. 
  • A pressure washer foamer saves you time. You might not have a lot of time at your disposal to clean someone’s bike, truck, or driveway, but a pressure washer foamer does all the work for you! Many foamers have regulators so that you can choose between using less foam with more water, or vice versa. This is so much easier than if you have to carry a large bucket of soapy water around and have to keep refilling it with soap because you’ve run out of suds.
  • A pressure washer foamer gives you a better finish. If you’ve ever cleaned surfaces, such as car windows, only to find that there are swirls and streaks on them, you know how frustrating it can be. This won’t happen when you use a pressure washer foamer. You will get a much smoother, shinier result without any streaks. The job will be done professionally.

What About Its Cons?

There are some important things to bear in mind before you go ahead and use a pressure washer foamer.

  • You need to ensure the pressure washer has the correct amount of PSI (pounds per square inch) before you connect it to the foamer. It requires a PSI of at least 1,900 otherwise you won’t be able to produce a thick foam.
  • Your foamer also requires a two-gallon per minute flow rate in order to work.
  • Although you might not think about the quality of the water you’re going to use, it’s said that you should actually use distilled water. This is because it doesn’t contain minerals like tap water, which can leave water spots when it dries, especially if your client lives in a region where there’s hard water.

Is A Pressure Washer Foamer Worth It?

benefits of pressure wash foamers

You might wonder if you really need a pressure washer.

If you’re only using it to wash your car, then it might not be an essential item to purchase. However, it’s worth noting that a pressure washer foamer is versatile.

You can use it to clean your roof, patio furniture, sidewalk, siding, motorbike, trailer, and more. If you have a lot of cleaning tasks to do regularly, a power washer foamer can come in very handy.

If you’re opening a power washing business, a pressure washer foamer is indeed essential. It will make the cleaning process much more effective, providing professional and high-quality results every time – and ensuring your clients stick with you.

Related Questions

Do you need to rinse with water before using a foamer?

Pre-rinsing the surface with water is recommended before you use a pressure washer foamer. This removes loose dirt, dust, and debris so that it’s easier for the foam detergent to clean effectively.

Do you need to clean the foamer after use?

When you’ve used the foamer, you should run water through it so that there’s no leftover foam and it’s ready for use the next time you need it.


You might be wondering if you really need to buy a pressure washer foamer, but it is an essential item to own if you regularly clean around the home, such as if you want to ensure a cleaner car, truck, house windows, deck, or other items, or if you own a professional power washing business.

Not only will a pressure washer foamer make your work so much easier, but you’ll also get to spend less time on them.