When tackling tough cleaning jobs, you need a powerful and precise water flow. This is where a pressure washer turbo nozzle comes in handy. 

A pressure washer turbo nozzle rotates the water to create a powerful stream, so you can clean up caked-on mud, oil, grease, and more. We’re rounding up our top picks for pressure washer turbo nozzles. 

Our best overall pick is the Yamatic 4.0 GPM Turo Rotating Spray Nozzle because of its durability, versatility, and high pressure offerings. It can tackle heavy duty commercial and heavy duty residential projects.

Great All Around Turbo Nozzle

YAMATIC 4.0 GPM Turbo Rotating Spray Nozzle

The Yamatic wins our best overall because of its versatility, utility, and durability. This nozzle is compatible with both electric or gas pressure washers. 

You won’t have to worry about replacing this nozzle after a few uses. The body is designed to be 40% more corrosion resistant than other turbo rotating nozzles because of its stainless steel and brass construction.

We liked that it is built with an oversized bearing that creates a powerful water jet that can remove 200% more stains and grime.

One of the best features of the Yamatic is it’s secure fit. The turbo rotating spray features a ¼” quick connect plug that fits tight to the spray wand. This precise fit reduces loosening and leaking.

The Yamatic’s spray size is wider than the Simpson 80144 and, therefore, emits less concentrated pressure. 

If you’re not concerned with spray width, then the Yamatic is a great overall turbo nozzle to have in your pressure washing tool box.

The Yamatic wins our best overall because it’s compatible with both gas and electric high-PSI pressure washers. It offers great cleaning efficiency for extremely dirty jobs and commercial projects. 

In addition, it’s highly durable and resistant to corrosion, giving it a long life. 

Everything about the Yamatic is top-notch!


  • Solid brass construction1/4″ quick-connect socket
  • 360° rotating nozzle
  • Compatible with gas and electric pressure washers
  • Compatible with cold and hot water

Tech Specs

  • Orifice size: 4.0
  • Recommended Pressure: 4000 PSI at 4 GPM
  • Maximum Pressure: 5000 PSI
  • Max Temperature: 311°F
  • Dimensions: ‎3.8 x 1.6 x 1.6″
  • Weight: 9.1 ounces

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Tough Enough for Any Job

Simpson Cleaning 80144 Universal Turbo Nozzle

The Simpson Turbo Nozzle is ideal for cleaning brick, concrete, and vinyl. This turbo nozzle is not as versatile as the Yamatic because it only works with cold water, gas pressure washers. 

The reason we gave the Simpson the best high-power attachment is because it features a high-power oscillating jet that can handle a full 4500 psi flow rate at 4 gpm. 

One reviewer described the Simpson’s oscillating power as “a nice spin that pinpoints the target areas.”

Unlike the Yamatic, the Simpson 80144 features a 3.0 orifice size. The smaller the orifice, the greater restriction of water flowing, and the more the pressure increases. 

The Simpson 80144 will provide you with higher pressure capabilities than the Yamatic. 

Like the Yamatic, the Simpson features a ¼” quick connect wand for a tight fit and stable handling. 

Our favorite feature of the Simpson is how powerful it is. 

If you regularly work on heavy-duty residential, agricultural fleet, camper/RV siding, and job sites or commercial projects, the Simpson 80144 is a great tool to have. 

The Simpson wins our best high-power attachment because of its compatibility with the 4500 psi flow rate at 4gpm, high power oscillating jet, and 3.0 orifice size that delivers a higher pressure. 

The downside to the Simpson is that it is only compatible with gas pressure washers and is too powerful for basic residential pressure washing.


  • 1/4″ quick-connect socket
  • Compatible with most gas pressure washers
  • For cold water use only
  • Sprays with oscillating jet

  • Tech Specs:
    • Orifice size: 3.0
    • Maximum Pressure: 4500 PSI
    • Max Temperature: 212°F
    • Dimensions: 1.57 x 1.57 x 4.33″
    • Weight: 5 ounces

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    Value Alternative

    Simpson Cleaning Universal 80143 Turbo Nozzle

    The Simpson 80143 Turbo Nozzle is a step down from the 80144. It doesn’t work with as high of PSI pressure washers as the 80144. It is a great option for heavy-duty residential and lighter commercial use.  This nozzle gives the best results when used on brick, concrete, and vinyl. 

    If you don’t need as much pressure or aren’t working with industrial products, the Simpson Cleaning 80143 Turbo Nozzle is a great option for you. 

    We gave this turbo nozzle the best versatility because it fits almost all gas pressure washers. 

    Anything that bears the Simpson name means the product is built for durability and longevity. If you have a Simpson, then you know already. If not, this Simpson product is going to offer you a solid, durable clean.

    The Simpson Cleaning Universal 80143 wins our best versatility rating because it can tackle both residential and commercial projects. Like the Simpson 80144, the orifice size is 3.0 which allows for increased, direct pressure. 

    The downside is that the Simpson Cleaning Universal 80143 is not compatible with 4000+ psi pressure washers. It’s not designed to tackle extremely heavy-duty projects like the Yamatic and Simpson Cleaning 80144.


    • A lower-power version of the previous Simpson model
    • Great for residential and commercial use
      • Ideal for cleaning brick, concrete and vinyl
    • For cold water use only1/4″ quick-connect socket
    • Sprays with oscillating jet

    Tech Specs

    • Orifice size: 3.0
    • Maximum Pressure: 3400 PSI
    • Max Temperature: 212°F
    • Dimensions: 1.57 x 1.57 x 4.33″

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    Great for Smaller Residential Pressure Washers

    Tool Daily Quick Connect Turbo Nozzle

    The Tool Daily Quick Connect Turbo Nozzle wins our best residential nozzle because it creates powerful jets of water that are ideal for cleaning heavily-stained and grimy patios, decks, bricks, and some siding. 

    Unlike the other turbo nozzles we’ve reviewed, this nozzle only works with 2500 PSI. That means this turbo nozzle is not great for commercial use. On the other hand, 2500 PSI is perfect for most residential uses. 

    This nozzle is durable because it is made with an Aluminum inside and rubber outside. The nozzle cap is made of nylon 6, and the plug is made of stainless steel. 

    One downside is that you will have to apply thread seal tape or glue to the ¼” quick-connect plug to keep it from leaking.

    The Tool Daily works with both electric and gas pressure washers, making it versatile and compatible for any homeowner’s pressure washer set-up. 

    The Tool Daily wins our best residential turbo nozzle because of its durability, versatility, and compatibility with most 2500 PSI pressure washers.  

    The downside is that the standard nozzle can’t tackle heavy-duty home projects. It also requires some jerry rigging to make sure the nozzle doesn’t leak.

    Tech Specs

    • Maximum PSI: 2500
    • Max Temperature: 92°F
    • Dimensions: ‎2.1 x 1.6 x 1.6″
    • Weight: 6.4 ounces

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    Turbo Nozzle FAQ

    Q: How does a pressure washer turbo nozzle work?

    Rotary turbo nozzles use a spinning mechanism to funnel the water into a powerful stream. You can then direct the power washer to blast away grime. 

    The turbo nozzle spins and allows the water to hit the ground at different angles. The combination of the powerful stream and multiple angle surface contact cuts cleaning time in half.

    Q: When would you use a pressure washer turbo nozzle?

    You would use a turbo nozzle when tackling a stubborn cleaning job. The higher power will help you clean up mold, dirty concrete, caked-on mud, oil stains, etc. 

    Q: How do you choose the right pressure washer turbo nozzle?

    Make sure the maximum PSI is compatible with your pressure washer. Check the materials to make sure that the product will last, but compare it to your budget. 

    Also, consider the type of job you’re looking to tackle. Some pressure washer turbo nozzles are designed for heavy duty residential while others are designed to tackle machinery and commercial projects.

    Q: How can you confirm compatibility with your pressure washer?

    Make sure your pressure washer has a 1/4″ quick-connecter tip (most pressure washers do). Also check your pressure washer’s water temperature and max PSI, and consider whether your pressure washer is gas or electric.

    Q: What are some best practices for using a turbo nozzle?

    Always make sure the pressure washer spray gun is pointed down before you pull the trigger. This puts the spinning tip in the right position, so you won’t break the wand. This will extend the nozzle’s life and make it last longer. 

    Be careful where you spray the pressure washer in general. The water pressure will easily damage paint, window screens, and house trim. 

    Also, make sure you’re using a pressure washer with the appropriate PSI. This will prevent you from overloading the turbo nozzle. 

    Q: Are there any pitfalls to using this attachment?

    There are some cases where you shouldn’t use a turbo nozzle. For example, the high pressure might damage materials like wood and siding.

    Q: How do you troubleshoot common problems?

    Stops Spinning: Unscrew the attachment and check it for clogs. You can clean the turbo nozzle with a plastic or metal rod. 

    Low Pressure: This could be due to a number of reasons. First, check your pressure washer inlet for clogs. 

    If there aren’t any clogs in your inlet, check to make sure the nozzle is compatible with your pressure washer. A nozzle that is too large or too small for your pressure washer won’t give you the desired pressure. 

    Finally, check your water supply tank. You might not have enough water to supply the pressure needed to complete your project. 

    No water spraying from the nozzle: This could be due to your turbo nozzle or your pressure washer. Check the nozzle for clogs and clear those out. Inspect the turbo nozzle for cracks or damage. 

    If you see cracks or damage you may need to replace your turbo nozzle. If you don’t see anything wrong with the turbo nozzle, take it off and try to use your pressure washer without it.

    If your pressure washer works otherwise, you might need to look for a replacement part.

    If no water comes out of your pressure washer then it is in issue with your pressure washer and not the nozzle.

    Also, check the compatibility of your pressure washer turbo nozzle with your pressure washer. It may not be compatible and that is what is interrupting the flow of water.

    The Wrap Up 

    Our winner is the YAMATIC 4.0 GPM Turbo Rotating Spray Nozzle.

    This is a high-power nozzle that’s compatible with most models. The product is durable, so it will last through tough jobs. It’s also compatible with cold and hot water. 

    Our runner-up is the Simpson Cleaning 80144 Universal Turbo Nozzle. 

    This is an even higher-power nozzle that’s great for pressure washing pros. You can also downgrade to the 80143 to enjoy the same features with a lower PSI pressure washer. 

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