5 Best Pressure Washing Services in Each State

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The pressure washing services company’s listed are not affiliated with pressurewashr.com. We conducted extensive research and have only included company’s that:

  • Are licensed, bonded and insured as necessary
  • Offer a range of pressure washing services for around your home or workplace
  • Have healthy ratings on third party sites like Thumbtack, Angie’s List, Google and Yelp

In What Season Do Most People Search For Pressure Washing Services?

When you think about it it is obvious that most people get pressure washing done in the summer. It is when you spend time outside and want a clean deck, patio or roof.

But what are the facts?

According to Google Trends, which lets you find out out how many people are searching for what each month. Searches for “pressure washing services” peak between March and August. And the searches reach their ultimate peak in April.

How Much Do Pressure Washing Company’s Charge For Services?

A power washing contractor needs to cover the cost of fuel for the pressure cleaner and the truck or van that carries it. Other costs include hours spent at the job, the cost of the equipment and detergent, cost of any office staff and the cost to keep a crew employed to do the work. All these things considered you can expect to pay around $75/hour up to $250/hour and more.

A typical suburban driveway might cost $40 for the kid down the street to clean with his electric pressure washer. But for a pro to do it will cost at least $80, and that’s for a small driveway that couldn’t fit more than 4 cars.

Also, another thing to keep in mind, if you want to get your roof or house siding power washed. Do you want it power washed by a pro that will take the time to do it right with the right equipment? Probably. So a roof or house siding might take 4 hours or a day and cost $500+. But you will only need that cleaning done every 5 years.

Should You Get Multiple Quotes For Your Pressure Cleaning Job?


Without a doubt you should get at least 3 quotes for your pressure washing job.

Here’s why:

  1. You want to make sure you are getting the best service at the right price. You will be able to tell be how quick you get the quote from each contractor, how professional the quote looks and if the quote includes the scope of work of your job (to show the job is understood).
  2. It creates competition. All big companies get multiple quotes for big projects to pit the contractor companies against each-other and compete for the job. This will result in the best price for you and the best service provider will shine through.
  3. Once you tell each pressure cleaning service company that you are getting your job quoted by some company’s they will jump to the offensive to try and win your job. You will get a better quote faster.

Should You Just Rent a Pressure Cleaner and Do the Work Yourself?

It’s up to you.

Here are the advantages of paying a professional:

  • You don’t have to do any work
  • You get a professional quality pressure washing
  • What happens if you damage your house siding? Pros have insurance and know how to do the work safely
  • You don’t have to go to Home Depot and rent the machine, load it into your car, unload it, attach the hoses, start the engine, do the work, then take it back to Home Depot at the end of the day. You don’t spend much more money and you have someone who can do it all for you.

Questions To Ask Your Mobile Power Washing Contractor

  1. What do you do with all the waste water created when pressure washing? Pressure washers are not allowed to just wash all the water down the storm drain. Some areas are more strict than others but the best practice is to divert all the water to grass or garden for it to absorb into the ground. Some block off the storm drain and then just vacuum it all up for proper disposal. Regardless of how your contractor answers this question you need to be aware that they have a plan to follow the EPA guidelines.
  2. What happens if I’m not happy with the work done? This question might surprise the service provider but you need it in writing that you either get a refund or they re-do the work.
  3. Do you do the work or do you hire some young kid to do it? Not that there is anything wrong with a kid that knows what he is doing doing your job. But you want to make sure that this pressure washing service hasn’t taken your money and hired some kid who has no idea what he is doing.

Disclaimer: All contractors listed on https://pressurewashr.com/services/ are not affiliated with PressureWashr. A comprehensive internet search was performed to find the best contractors and services based on reviews and website information. You should do your own due diligence and be sure to hire only pressure washing service providers that are properly insured and licensed.