5 Best Pressure Washing Services in California

Pressure Washing Services CaliforniaDid you know if you pumped all the water from Lake Tahoe evenly onto California land it would create a 14 inch (36 cm) deep lake?

It’s the biggest lake by volume if you don’t include the Great Lakes. That’s a lot of water.

But that water does little to help California during droughts. So to save water when performing cleaning of outdoor surfaces you can use a pressure washer because it uses high pressure at low flow rate to blast surfaces clean.

Here are the 5 best pressure washing services in 5 different areas of California:

Best Pressure Washing Services in Los Angeles (Orange County)

Company Name: KCPowerClean

Website: www.kcpowerclean.com

Contact: 714 – 342 – 5326 or office@kcpowerclean.com

About The Company

The recommended pressure washing service in LA is KC Power Clean, which was founded in 2006 and has continued to improve their methods ever since. They currently have multiple work vans and 8 employees so you can be sure they will get to your job in a timely fashion.

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Best Pressure Washing Services in San Diego

Company Name: San Diego Pressure Washing

Website: SanDiegoPressureWashing.com

Contact: 858 – 703 – 7250 or sandiegopressurewashing@gmail.com

About The Company

The best option for your San Diego pressure washing needs is San Diego Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning company. They comply with the strict rules with regards to the pressure washing discharge (dirty) water and recapture and dispose of properly. They have full licenses and insurance and have been in business since 1992.

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Best Pressure Washing Services in San Jose

Company Name: Illuminate Palace Power Wash Services

Website: www.IlluminatePalacePowerWash.com

Contact: 408 – 693 -5140

About The Company

Call Illuminate Palace Power Wash Services if you live in the San Jose area and need pressure washing they are the best. They have been professionally trained by the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners (UAMCC) and certified in wash water control, soft wash, fleet washing, roof cleaning and are fully licensed and insured.

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Best Pressure Washing Services in San Francisco

Company Name: Curb Appeal Pressure Washing

Website: www.CurbAppealPressureWashing.com

Contact: 415 – 656 – 1601

About The Company

Curb Appeal Pressure Washing is a great option for pressure washing services in San Fran area. They are fully insured and licensed and use state of the art environmentally friendly equipment that complies with Bay Area waste water and stormwater management regulations.

Company Location

Best Pressure Washing Services in Fresno

Company Name: Golden State Pressure Washing and Pool Tile Cleaning

Website: www.GSPressureWashing.com

Contact: 559 – 681 -7630

About The Company

The best pressure washing service in Fresno is Golden State Pressure Washing. They offer all residential and commercial services including using soft washing techniques to prevent damage to your house siding or roof.

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