5 Best Pressure Washing Services in Oregon

Oregon Pressure Washing Services BadgeDid you know Crater Lake in south-central Oregon is the deepest lake in the United States and second deepest in North America (after Great Slave Lake in Canada)?

It is 1,946 feet deep (593 metres) and Great Slave Lake is 2,014 feet deep (614 metres).

Want to know the deepest lake in the world?

Lake Baikal in Siberia is 5,387 feet deep (1,642 metres) and is the deepest + highest volume lake in the world.

Oregon doesn’t just have to protect Crater Lake from water pollution but also its more than 6,000 other lakes. Pressure washing surfaces around your home or workplace causes discharge that should be treated before entering the rain storm drains – especially if cleaning oily concrete or using synthetic detergents. If you require pressure washing why not hire a pro who has the best gear and knows the laws in Oregon…

Here are the 5 best pressure washing services in 5 different areas of Oregon:

Best Pressure Washing Services in Portland

Company Name: PDX Clean King

Website: PDXCleanKing.com

Contact: 503 – 473 – 7936

About The Company

PDX Clean King is licensed, bonded and insured to work in Oregon so you can rest easy knowing they are fully safe and functional company. The services they provide are: moss removal, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing and window washing so if you need any of those services give PDX a call or email at info at pdxcleanking dot com to get a free quote.

Company Location

Best Pressure Washing Services in Salem

Company Name: ACE Pressure Washing

Website: www.WashWithAce.com

Contact: 971 – 701 – 4770

About The Company

ACE Pressure Washing is recommended for your pressure washing needs in the Salem area because they are fully insured and are members of the Pressure Washing Resource Professional Association. This gives Ace all the most up to date information relating to power washing: laws, technology, procedures and more. You can rest easy knowing that when you get ACE Pressure Washing to do you cleaning project they will be reliable and skilled.

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Best Pressure Washing Services in Eugene

Company Name: A-1 Pressure Washing

Website: www.A1PWPro.com

Contact: 541 – 688 – 8578

About The Company

The recommended power cleaning company if you live in the Eugene area is A-1 Pressure Washing. It is a family run business since 1998 that is fully licensed, insured and certified. They offer a soft wash cleaning solution for your roof and house siding that doesn’t use high pressure. They also offer all types of power washing including graffiti removal and awnings. Head to the website to fill out the free quotes form to get one for your job.

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Best Pressure Washing Services in Gresham

Company Name: Oregon Pressure Washing

Website: www.Oregon-Pressure-Washing.com

Contact: 503 – 723 – 8315

About The Company

Oregon Pressure Washing company is owned and operated by Mike Trauth. He has been pressure washing for over 30 years and has a wealth of wisdom for all things power washing. He used Landa pressure washers and has 2 machines – one hot water and one higher pressure cold water. So you can rest easy knowing he has the correct tool for your job. Give him a call for your free no obligation cost estimate.

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Best Pressure Washing Services in Hillsboro

Company Name: Dutchman Pressure Washing

Website: DutchmanPressureWashing.com

Contact: 503 – 805 – 5534

About The Company

Dutchman Pressure Washing is the recommended choice for your power cleaning needs in the Hillsboro area. They have been in business for over 10 years and people love the work they do. Give them a call to get your job quoted.

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