Sun Joe SPX3000 vs SPX3001: Model Comparison

The SunJoe brand is a highly-rated electric pressure washer option for homeowners and hobbyists. 

Sun Joe touts itself as one of the best electric pressure washer brands, and is known for it’s high-quality yet affordable residential tools and cleaning solutions. 

We’ve compared Sun Joe’s two top pressure washers on the market today to help you decide which pressure washer is right for you. 

sun joe spx3000 vs sun joe spx 3001

The Sun Joe SPX3000 and The Sun Joe SPX 3001 are the top two performers to come out of the Sun Joe brand. 

The Sun Joe SPX3000 and SPX3001 are both electric pressure washers with high customer ratings. The models are very similar; at first glance, it might be tricky to decide which one to purchase. 

In short, these two machines are functionally the same. They can both tackle light, but versatile, cleaning tasks on your house’s exterior-mildew, insect splats, etc.

The biggest difference is the Sun Joe SPX 3001’s on-board hose reel. 

We have developed a comprehensive list of the similarities, differences, and features of the Sun Joe SPX3000 and the Sun Joe SPX 3001. Let’s get into it!

Sun Joe SPX3000

First up is the Sun Joe SPX3000. This Sun Joe pressure washer is a great option for homeowners and car detailers alike. It can tackle dirty decks, homes, buildings, RV’s, cars, trucks, driveways, lawn equipment, and more. 

Sun Joe SPX3000 Best Electric Pressure Washer Pic

POWERFUL: 14.5-Amp/1800-watt motor generates up to 2030 PSI (at initial discharge per CSA internal pressure testing) and 1.76 GPM (with nozzle open at minimum pressure) of water flow

VERSATILE: Tackle a variety of cleaning tasks: homes, buildings, RV’s, cars, trucks, boats, decks, driveways, patios, lawn equipment, and more. With two 0.9 L onboard detergent tanks, removable tanks carry and store different types of detergent to simultaneously tackle different cleaning projects.

TSS (Total Stop System): Automatically shuts off pump when trigger is not engaged to save energy and prolong pump life.

Max PSI at initial discharge per CSA internal pressure testing. Max GPM with nozzle open at minimum pressure.

Tech Specs

  • Generates up to 2,030 PSI at 1.76 GPM
  • 20′ hose
  • 31 lbs
  • 1800 watt, 14.5 amp Motor
  • 5 quick-connect spray nozzles
  • 104°F max inlet water temperature

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Sun Joe SPX3001

The Sun Joe SPX3001 electric pressure washer shares a lot of similarities with the SPX3000. The Sun Joe SPX3001 similarly works wonders on caked on dirt and grime and cuts through built up surface dirt on everything from decks and siding to RV’s, cars, trucks, and lawn equipment. 

POWERFUL MOTOR: Powerful 14. 5-amp/1800-Watt motor generates up to 2030 PSI/1. 76 GPM for maximum cleaning power

QUICK-CONNECT SPRAY TIPS: 5 Quick-Connect spray tips (0?, 15?, 25?, 40? and soap) tackle light, medium and heavy duty cleaning tasks

ONBOARD REEL: Onboard reel keeps 20 ft. (6m) high pressure hose organized for quick and easy clean-up and storage

TSS (Total Stop System): Automatically shuts off pump when trigger is not engaged to save energy and prolong pump life

DETERGENT TANK: Extra large onboard 40. 6 fl oz. (1. 2 l) detergent tank. Water inlet temperature (max) – 104 degrees Fahrenheit

PRESSURE: Max rating per CSA test standards. Maximum internal pressure is 2030 PSI. Under typical load, working pressure is 1450 PSI .

Please read the manual prior to use as it includes troubleshooting and safety information.

Tech Specs

  • Generates up to 2,030 PSI at 1.76 GPM
  • 20′ hose
  • 32 lbs
  • 1800 watt, 14.5 amp Motor
  • 5 quick-connect spray nozzles
  • 104°F max inlet water temperature

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Features Face to Face

We’re looking at 14.5-amp electric pressure washers here. These two products have similar maximum cleaning power and can tackle similar cleaning projects. So, your decision depends on the details. 

In power there is no clear winner

The Sun Joe SPX 3000 and the Sun Joe SPX 3001 are neck and neck for power. They both feature 2030 PSI, 1.76 GPM, and 14.5 AMP/1800-Watt motor. These power washers will clean built-on grime with similar water pressure and effectiveness, which is what matters. 

Maneuverability: slight difference could sway you one way or another

The Sun Joe SPX3000 is lighter than the Sun Joe SPX3001 by one pound. The SPX 3000 model weighs in at 31 pounds and the SPX3001 model weighs in at 32 pounds.

Reviewers of The Sun Joe SPX3000 rave about the machine’s wheels, saying “the upright style and wheels make it easy to maneuver around.” 

Another reviewer specifically pointed out that the wheels are a big pro and helped him maneuver easily around his home and driveway. 

On the other hand, the Sun Joe SPX3001’s users did not have great things to say about this model’s wheels. Reviewers pointed out that the wheels are stiff and too hard to turn.

Additionally, the pressure washer hose on the Sun Joe SPX3001 unwinds itself from the hose-reel and gets stuck in the wheels. The overall consensus from users is that the Sun Joe SPX3001’s wheels are too stiff to provide any added benefit.

Our position is that the hose-reel could cause potential issues with the maneuverability of the Sun Joe SPX3001 model. However, both models feature plastic wheels and could offer stiff and limited maneuverability compared to other brands that feature 13” to 15” rubber wheels.

Price: One model offers some savings 

The best prices we’ve found are usually on Amazon. The SPX3001 may cost about 15-20% more than the SPX3000, but some users can’t seem to justify the price increase for the hose reel.

Built-in features 

Both the Sun Joe SPX 3000 and the Sun Joe SPX3001 feature five quick connect spray tips and a Total Stop System (TSS). A TSS system automatically shuts off the Sun Joe’s pump when the wand trigger is not activated. 

The Sun Joe SPX3000 and the Sun Joe SPX 3001 both feature a 20-foot high pressure hose and a garden hose adapter. 

Tank storage

Where these models differ is in their on-board tanks. The Sun Joe SPX3000 features two 0.9L onboard detergent tanks. 

These tanks are removable, and they also feature a detergent dial that allows you to easily switch between different detergents to tackle multiple pressure washing jobs. 

The Sun Joe SPX 3001 features a large onboard tank at 40.6 fl oz or 1.2 liters. 

You won’t be able to easily change out detergents like you could with the Sun Joe SPX3000’s dual tank system, but you can carry more detergent at one time with the Sun Joe SPX3001. 


Another big difference between these two models is that the Sun Joe SPX3001 comes fully assembled. However, the Sun Joe SPX3000 requires roughly 15 to 20 minutes of assembly time. 

Wand length

The Sun Joe SPX3000 and SPX 3001 are neck and neck again. If you need to pressure wash tall structures or two story homes, the Sun Joe SPX3000 and the Sun Joe S3001 come equipped with a 34-inch extension spray wand. 

Power Cord Comparison

The Sun Joe SPX3000 and Sun Joe SPX3001 are electric pressure washers and the downside of an electric pressure washer is that it must be plugged into an outlet. 

Sun Joe has addressed this issue and outfitted both the Sun Joe SPX3000 and the Sun Joe SPX 3001 with a 35 foot power cord to keep you moving without needing to switch outlets. 


The only discernible difference between these two machines – aside from the hose reel on the Sun Joe SPX3000 – is the look of the two. The Sun Joe SP3001 looks a little more commercial with sharp edges and a clean line body design. 

The Sun Joe SPX3000 features more of a rounded body much like pressure washers built for homeowners or hobbyists.

Both the Sun Joe SPX 3001 and the Sun Joe SP3000’s outer body is made of a harder plastic that will feature some durability. Make sure not to slam either one into any hard surfaces in order to preserve your machine. 

Stand Out Features

Where the Sun Joe SPX 3001 earns its higher price tag is in the built-in hose wheel. The Sun Joe SPX3001 features a hose reel that provides on-board storage for your pressure washing hose. 

The hose reel system

The hose reel on the SPX 3001 features a crank that allows you to conveniently wind and unwind the pressure washing hose. 

Sun Joe pressure washer spx3001

Mixed reviews

Some reviewers report that the reel isn’t as easy to use as Sun Joe lets on. 

Many users report that the reel is stiff and gets stuck, toppling the machine and forcing you to walk back to the pressure washer to uncoil the hose manually. 

On the other hand, other users have reported that the hose often uncoils itself leaving a tangled mess in the pressure washer’s wake. 

There are some users that truly love the hose reel and find no issues with it. 

The opposition to the Sun Joe SPX3001’s hose reel may mostly be based on personal preference. One thing is for certain: you will have to walk back to the machine to get more length out of your pressure washing hose.

If you’re not in a rush and really love the idea of the hose reel, you may want to hold off and wait until Sun Joe improves the hose reel design.

Our position on this feature is that it’s a little clunky and unnecessary for the average homeowner. While it’s built for convenience, the hose can kink and make the task a little tougher than intended.

The SPX 3000 hose storage solution

The Sun Joe SPX3000 provides for on-board hose storage via a hang tab on the side of the pressure washing machine. This is a classic on-board storage solution that many pressure washers on the market feature.

Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer Cord Storage With Logo

The Sun Joe SPX3000 hose storage solution won’t appear as organized as the Sun Joe SPX3001 hose-reel system, but it is a tried and true hose storage method. 

The Final Verdict

In all, there aren’t too many differences between the Sun Joe SPX3000 and the Sun Joe SPX3001. Power, movability, and basic features are all consistent between the two models. 

The big difference between these two models is the hose reel storage system. Though, some reviewers on amazon feel the hose reel storage offers more trouble than the benefits it provides.

Our readers should use the Sun Joe SPX3001 if: 

  • The built-in hose reel is a game-changer for you and 
  • You want all the features from the SPX3000

You can purchase the Sun Joe SPX3001 now, on Amazon.

Our readers should use the Sun Joe SPX3000 if: 

  • The onboard hose reel isn’t as important for you and 
  • You want to save $34.00+ (depending on sales & deal availability, you could save even more).

Purchase the Sun Joe SPX3000 and get to cleaning, now.