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top pressure washer brands today

Trusted Pressure Cleaner Brands

Do you have experience dealing with an awesome power tool brand? Do you trust a certain power equipment brand more than the rest because of past experiences? Have you heard consistent positive reviews from friends and in forums online about a certain top performer?

Well, now’s the time to choose the best power washer reviews by brand.

Simpson Cleaning – Offer great value for the money & highly rated gas pressure washers. Simpson Cleaning company actually manufactures DeWalt and some Briggs & Stratton cleaners.

Karcher Makes a Difference Logo

Karcher — Inventors of the first power washer used in Europe. Offer a wide-range of electric pressure cleaners.

Generac – Popular gas power washer maker. Known for their range of residential-use gas powered washers.

Sun Joe – A brand of electric pressure cleaner established in 2004 in New Jersey. Sun Joe offers 4 models: 1 light-duty and 3 medium-duty. Their 2030 PSI unit is a best seller.

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AR Blue Clean – Most popular electric pressure cleaner maker. Known for their high quality pumps.

Greenworks – A company that offers only electric power equipment. Known for their value for the money.

DeWalt – Known for their power tool range. They offer units that are Honda engine powered.

Craftsman – A registered trademark of Sears since 1927 (acquired by Stanley Black & Decker in 2017), Craftsman outsources the manufacture of their cleaners to Techtronic Industries of Hong Kong.

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