Everything You Need To Know About PressureWashr

About Page Social Proof Intro Image UPDATEDPressureWashr is the #1 directory and information resource for the residential pressure washing industry with 150,000+ estimated monthly page views.

Here you’ll find:

  • 100+ how-to pressure wash articles to help you use your pressure washer the right way
  • 50+ residential pressure washing equipment tutorials, guides & recommendations (based on 100s of hours of hands-on experience and testing)
  • A comprehensive professional pressure washing contractor listing for the 5 biggest cities of every state.

If you’re thinking:

  • “What’s the ideal PSI and GPM pressure washer for around my house?”
  • “Should I get a gas or electric powered pressure washer?”
  • “Which brand is best for my needs?”
  • “How do I use it so I don’t damage the surface or myself?”
  • “What else can I do with it to save time and effort cleaning around the house?”

You’re in the RIGHT place.

Start By Choosing Your Type Or Style


On these pages are listed the best of each cleaning power and what each cleaning power is used for. There’s also some before and after pictures on each showing you what results you can expect to achieve.

  • Light-duty – Electric for washing your car, patio furniture and small patio.
  • Medium-duty – Electric and gas for residential big jobs.
  • Heavy-duty – Gas washers for contractors.


These styles pages are more like buying guides. They tell you what to expect from an electric or gas pressure washer. Warranties, uses and brands of each are all discussed.

The 7 Best

After researching, comparing, testing, using and reviewing pressure washers for the last 4+ years we have a pretty great idea which are the best… So we made a page of the 7 best.

6 Ways PressureWashr Teaches And Motivates 

  1. Before and after power washing pics. PressureWashr gathers all the “power washing porn” that gets published on the internet and makes sure you see it. Why? Motivation. You see what’s possible. You get excited to do great work with little effort. Win-win.
  2. How-To Articles. PressureWashr teaches you the right way to clean surfaces so you don’t damage them. There is a right and wrong way to pressure clean. Do it wrong and you could do damage not just to surfaces but to yourself and the environment. Check out the How-To Library. There’s articles on pools, wheelie bins, driveways, cars, boats and more (with video).
  3. Answers to common questions. The FAQ section answers your questions. I only answer a Q if I get asked it more than 3 times. Chuck us a Q on social media at a link below.
  4. Special Report. In-depth pressure washing and tool industry reports shared by industry execs – some with original infographics and charts – all for your viewing pleasure (for free).
  5. Top Tens. A new section just added to the site. The Top Tens section will highlight the best pressure washing contractors in each state and also have fun lists loosely based around pressure cleaning.
  6. Fun Water Stuff. Infographics and charts related to water and pressure washing.

PressureWashr Elsewhere 


The PressureWashr Pinterest page is where all the awesome before after pics I find are catalogued. Go there to view all the pressure washing photos I have seen.


PressureWashr Instagram page is dedicated to before/after pressure washing pictures and behind the scene photos running PressureWashr.com.


PWashr on Twitter is where you will find pressure washer related news and interesting articles and videos on all engineering related technology. I’m an engineer so I like to share pics of machines and cool new technology. So it’s not all pressure washer related.


On the PressureWashr Facebook page you will find unique pressure washing photos shared. It’s also the best spot to come have a chat.


PressureWashr is on LinkedIn to share informative articles on the pressure washing industry and to connect with like-minded power tool enthusiasts.

Who Started PressureWashr? Hi, I’m Jamey, Editor and Expert Pressure Washer

About PressureWashr Affiliations UBC Rio Tinto

I started this website because I have professional experience as a mechanical engineer (UBC Mech) at Rio Tinto (Iron Ore Australia) designing and constructing industrial wash-pads (and other large scale mechanical and electrical projects). These wash-pads rely heavily on industrial pressure washers. I managed million dollar budgets from concept to commissioning building pressure washing stations at mine sites. They were used to wash the light vehicles (cars, utes and small trucks). Some were fully automatic and some were manual. Each used two industrial pressure washers, usually hot water electric with around 2,500 PSI and 3.5 GPM. I am an expert when it comes to power washers…

…And over the years I developed a love for them and started this website to ensure I not only knew about the industrial ones (from work) but also the residential ones. What better way to learn than to test, research and review in real life?

Jamey Testing Gas Pressure Washer At PressureWashrcom Test Facility

The pressure washers tested are bought at Amazon.com, The Home Depot, from used online classified like Craigslist or eBay and various other big box outlets…

Here’s some Sun Joe testing:

Me Testing Out Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer

And some AR Blue Clean testing:

Testing Newest AR Blue Clean Pressure Washer

And some Briggs & Stratton pressure washer unboxing:

Unboxing Briggs and Stratton Gas Pressure Washer

Testing out the Ryobi battery powered pressure washer (the thing is so quiet):

Testing Ryobi Cordless Battery Powered Pressure Washer

How To Contact Me

I prefer you to contact me via Facebook because it gets checked most frequently. But if you need to email then check out contact details here or see below:

Pressure Washr Inc. working hours are 7am-5pm west coast time. Best contact method is direct email or Facebook message.

  • Email: jamey [at] pressurewashr [dot] com

What’s With The Misspelling of PressureWashr?

I wanted a short name that easily identified with pressure washer. PressureWasher.com was taken. PowerWasher.com was taken. PressureWashr.com (without the ‘e’) was available and I thought it looked kinda cool. Kinda trendy, I guess. I mean flickr.com did the same thing and it worked out for them.

PressureWashr Engineering Scholarship

Each Summer we award one engineering student $1,000 as a scholarship. The requirement and detail can be found on the PressureWashr Engineering Scholarship page.

How is PressureWashr.com So Fast?

PressureWashr.com loads faster than 97% of websites because screw stupid ads and popups that slow down helping you find your pressure washer. Here’s what technology PressureWashr is built on: