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Have you spent hours pressure washing your driveway or your deck with only a pressure washer wand? That experience can be frustrating!

We have a helpful tip for you: Add a pressure washer surface cleaner to your accessories collection. 

Pressure washer surface cleaners are a convenient way to clean your deck, driveway, or garage floor without making a mess. 

They attach to your pressure washer wand to provide a targeted clean and increased efficiency on flat surfaces. The internal spray bar swivels to cover the cleaning surface. You’ll get that driveway or deck job done in half the time. 

We’ve rounding up the best pressure washer surface cleaners, so let’s get into it!

best pressure washer surface cleaners

Already have a pressure washer surface cleaner? Check out these other pressure washer attachments to improve your pressure washing experience. Water brooms and spray gun tips can also enhance your clean.

Commercial-Grade Efficiency for Everyone
Twinkle Star 15″ Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

The Twinkle Star is a great surface cleaner for commercial pressure washing technicians. It features a 15” cleaning reach and lifts stubborn stains on patios, driveways, decks, and sidewalks; the Twinkle star is the most useful on heavy-duty jobs.


Not only is this pressure washing surface cleaner fast and stain-busting, but it’s also versatile. You can use the Twinkle Star on vertical hard surfaces like brick walls, stucco, and other siding. 


The Twinkle Star is one of the most powerful pressure washing surface cleaners we’re  reviewing today. It’s compatible with a 4000 PSI pressure washing machine


The Twinkle Star features stainless steel construction; this machine can take a heavy duty beating. You won’t have to buy a new pressure washing surface cleaner at the end of the summer if you opt for the Twinkle Star.


The Twinkle Star comes equipped with a filter to prevent blockage. It’s also outfitted with three wheels to increase mobility around the job site. But the features don’t stop there. The Twinkle Star has dual pressure water jets that break up and break through tough dirt and grime. 

The Twinkle Star is also designed to prevent streaking and paint stripping. 

The Wrap-Up

The Twinkle Star is great for anyone with a powerful pressure washer, or those looking for  durability and easy mobility. This surface cleaner is best for more advanced pressure washing technicians. 

The Twinkle Star’s ~$100.00 price tag makes it an affordable pro-level pressure washing surface cleaner. 

Perfect for DIY Jobs

Best Versatility
Simpson Cleaning 80165 Universal Scrubber 15

The Simpson is useful for small business owners, hobbyists, and homeowners. We gave it the “Best Versatility” rating because it can get the job done in a variety of situations.


The Simpson won our “Best Versatility” category because of its application across a variety of surface cleaning projects. You can use the Simpson on concrete, patio, and deck, as well as siding, for paint prep, and on camper/RV siding. 

The Simpson is great for commercial use as well as residential property pressure washing, unlike the Twinkle Star. The Simpson fits most gas pressure washers and is easy to assemble.


This model is a step down in pressure washer power from the Twinkle Star model. The Simpson is compatible with pressure washers up to 3700 PSI. This model can still tackle some commercial jobs, but it may not be enough for heavy duty commercial jobs. 


The Simpson’s outer shell is made out of powder coated steel. Again, this is a step below the Twinkle Star in durability; The Twinkle Star’s stainless steel surface is hard to beat! The powder coated steel still receives high marks for durability and corrosion resistance.


The Simpson has a 15” cleaning diameter like the Twinkle Star. But, the Simpson’s cleaning speed is a little slower than the Twinkle Star. This product has a 3x faster clean up speed compared to the Twinkle Star’s 5x faster cleaning speed. 

The Simpson makes up for its slower cleaning speed with corrosion resistant stainless steel nozzles and lightweight operation. 

The Wrap-Up

The Simpson wins our best in versatility because of its application in a variety of pressure washing jobs. It is slower, less powerful, and less durable than the Twinkle Star. However, it offers the power that homeowners, hobbyists, and professional residential power washers need to get the job done. 

Great for Homeowners

Greenworks Surface Cleaner Universal Pressure Washer Attachment

Homeowners and first time pressure washers will love the Greenworks. It’s lightweight – the Greenworks is the lightest of the bunch with a 1.8 pound weight – it’s easy to use, and it provides enough power to work wonders on your driveway, sidewalk, patio, and/ or deck. 


This pressure washing surface cleaner works with all GreenWorks pressure washers and most electric pressure washers up to 2000 PSI. The Greenworks is a major step down in power from the Simpson and Twinkle Star; both of which are compatible with up to 3700-4000 PSI pressure washers. 


This pressure washer has the least power of all the pressure washing surface cleaners that we’ve reviewed. However, the 2000 PSI is compatible with most homeowner’s pressure washers.


This model is not the most durable of the pressure washer surface cleaners on our list today. The Greenworks features a plastic body that could easily crack or fracture. However, the plastic body contributes to the Greenworks’ light weight. 


Unlike the Twinkle Star, the Greenworks is not equipped with wheels for easy mobility. However, it does come with a soap applicator, 25-foot hose, and rotary brush. Greenworks only covers 11-inches whereas the Simpson and Twinkle Star cover 15-inches; an 11-inch surface area will be perfect for some homeowners and hobbyists though!

The Wrap-Up

It’s no secret that this pressure washer surface cleaner is not for heavy-duty or commercial cleans. But there are other pressure washer accessories for that type of job. 

For many, this product is enough to get the job done. The Greenworks has a great price point at $30.00. It may not last through multiple seasons but the Greenworks is a great first step to familiarize yourself with pressure washer surface cleaners. 

Professional Surface Cleaner

EDOU DIRECT Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner 15

The EDOU pressure washer surface cleaner offers all the pressure and reach of the Twinkle Star with even more durability. All heavy-duty commercial pressure washing technicians should consider the EDOU.


If you’re not careful, this machine can cause some serious damage! You should only use the EDOU on large surfaces like driveways, patios, pool decks, and sidewalks. A downside is that this pressure washing surface cleaner can’t tackle vertical surfaces. The machine makes up for its lack of versatility in it’s compatibility with both gas and electric pressure washers. 


The EDOU is neck and neck with the Twinkle Star for power. It’s compatible with both gas and electric pressure washers up to 4000 PSI. It also features a 5x faster standard spray nozzle with a rotation speed of 1800 RPM. A high PSI and a fast rotation speed make for a powerful and fast clean!


This is where the EDOU shines and why we gave it the “Best Durability” rating. The EDOU features a heavy duty brass body, stainless steel, and durable hard composite construction. This steel surface cleaner should last you a long time!


The EDOU has tough flexible bristles to protect surfaces from damage. It’s cleaning reach is 15”, similar to the Twinkle Star. This model also features dual, high-pressure, rotating jets that remove stuck on dirt and grime with ease. 

The Wrap-Up

The EDOU is great for tough job sites because of its heavy duty brass body, stainless steel, and durable hard composite components. It’s comparable to the Twinkle Star in power and cleaning reach, but features a lighter weight.

The EDOU is $20 less than the Twinkle Star. If you’re looking for a heavy duty, durable, commercial pressure washing surface cleaner on a budget, this is a great option for you! 

Best Self Propelled

Self Propelled
Karcher Universal 15

The Karcher is a step-up from the Greenworks flat surface cleaner. It features mid-range pressure. So, it’s perfect for those with more stubborn dirt and grease stains, and those that don’t need the power of a commercial-grade surface cleaner.


The Karcher can clean large surfaces like driveways, patios, decks, and sidewalks as well as vertical surfaces like garage doors and home siding, much like the Twinkle Star! However, the Karcher loses points in versatility because it is only compatible with some Karcher pressure washer models and gas powered pressure washers up to 3200 PSI.


Karcher is compatible with 3200 PSI pressure washers and features a 1500 RPM speed rotation. The Karcher’s pressure washer is a step-up from the Greenworks model. 


Karcher’s durability is slightly above the Greenworks model as well. The Karcher’s body features a harder, plastic shell than the Greenworks model. This model will most likely last you longer than the Greenworks model but not as long as the Simpson, Twinkle Star, or EDOU. 


The Karcher weighs in at 3.8 pounds, so it’s considerably lighter than the Simpson and the Twinkle Star. In addition to its lightweight frame, the Karcher comes equipped with a splash-free skirt; you’ll stay dry while you work! 

The feature we love about this model is that it is self-propelled! Self-propelling surface cleaners are great for every skill level because they are easy to use and easy to push. 

The Wrap-Up

This model doesn’t meet the commercial, heavy-duty standards of higher-end models like Simpson, EDOU, and Twinkle Star; it is, however, a step up from the Greenworks model. 

The $60.00 price tag and combination of features make this a great mid-range option for hobbyist, homeowners, and pressure washing side hustlers. 

Great for Homeowner or Hobbyist

Briggs & Stratton 6328 6196 Spray Nozzle

See Details on Amazon

This pressure washing surface cleaner is a step up from the Karcher model. If you’re a homeowner, hobbyist, or a side-hustle pressure washing technician looking for a high-end residential model, the Briggs & Stratton pressure washing surface cleaner is a great option. 


The Briggs & Stratton is compatible with most gas pressure washer brands that have a PSI of 2200-3400. The downside is that the Briggs & Straton features a corded-electric power source, which could limit your travel range.


The Briggs & Stratton’s PSI compatibility is slightly better than the Karcher model. Remember, The Karcher model is compatible with a PSI of up to 3200. The Briggs & Stratton is compatible with pressure washers in the 3400 PSI range. 


The durability of the Briggs & Stratton is on par with the Karcher model and above the Greenworks model. The Briggs & Stratton features a black plastic body. To us, the body looks like it is a better quality plastic than the Greenworks model. 


The Briggs & Stratton model features a mid-range cleaning time; it cleans 4x faster than models that feature a 40 degree pressure washer nozzle. It also features quick connect wands, and rotating jets to clean with a streak free finish. 

The Wrap-Up

We gave the Briggs & Stratton the “Best Value” model because of its clear superiority over the other 3000-3700 PSI compatible power washing surface models. If you’re looking for a trusted pressure washing surface cleaner, the Briggs & Stratton is a great option for you! 

Not to mention, the $70.00 price tag makes this model very affordable! 

Pressure Washer FAQ

Q: How Do You Know If The Surface Cleaner Fits Your Pressure Washer?

A: Make sure to check the PSI and nozzle compatibility before buying a surface cleaner. The PSI and nozzle compatibility should tell you everything you need to know about whether the surface cleaner will work with your pressure washer.

Q: How Do You Choose The Right Size & Weight?

A: Consider the area you need to clean. A smaller cleaning reach can fit into tight areas, while a larger dimeter will clean a large area. Double check the cleaning path before purchasing an attachment. We also recommend checking the surface cleaner’s compatibility with your pressure washer and considering your budget. 

Q: Does It Matter If You Have a Gas or Electric Pressure Washer?

A: It depends on the PSI capacity. Lower-power electric pressure washers may not be able to handle a surface cleaner with a higher PSI capacity. Check the surface cleaner’s minimum PSI before buying.

Q: Do Pressure Washer Surface Cleaners Use Detergents?

A: It depends on whether your pressure washer has a detergent box. If your pressure washer has a detergent box, then the surface cleaner can use detergents. 

Q: When Should You Upgrade to a Pro Surface Cleaner?

Semi-pro surface cleaners are often sufficient for homeowners. However, heavy duty cleaning jobs might require a professional-level surface cleaner. Pro surface cleaners are more expensive and require a higher PSI pressure washer. If you need to clean heavy duty surfaces, then a pro surface cleaner is for you. 

The Full Wrap-Up on Pressure Washer Surface Cleaners

Our top-pick

Our top pick is Twinkle Star 15″ Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner.  The Twinkle Star offers best in class durability and a quick and efficient clean. It’s also compatible with up to 4000 PSI pressure washing machines; The Twinkle Star’s PSI compatibility makes it great for heavy duty, commercial cleans. 

An added bonus is that three wheels are affixed to the body of the Twinkle Star. It moves easily through tough job sites thanks to the easy glide wheels. If you’re a commercial pressure washing technician, the Twinkle Star is a great pro surface cleaner with a mid-range price tag.

Our runner-up

Our runner up is the Simpson Cleaning 80165. Its $70.00 price tag, combined with the Simpson’s high PSI compatibility, make it a wonderful choice for heavy duty pressure washing cleans. 

The reason we gave the Simpson runner up is because it lacks versatility; it only runs on cold water, and it features a less durable body than the Twinkle Star 15”. Additionally, it doesn’t come equipped with easy glide wheels. 

Whatever pressure washing surface cleaner you choose, it’s important to double check that the surface cleaner attachment is compatible with your pressure washer’s PSI and works for your cleaning needs!

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