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10 Things Everyone Ought To Know About NorthStar Pressure Washers Before Buying at Northern Tool + Equipment

NorthStar pressure washers from Northern Tool and Equipment Intro ImageToday you’ll discover the 4 best NorthStar pressure washers sold at Northern Tool & Equipment.

But first:

Did you know Northern Tool & Equipment is the largest distributor of Honda small engines (in the United States) through their sister company – Great Northern Equipment Distributing (GNED)?

It’s true. And they (GNED) do it with only 125 employees. The operation is an efficient machine just like the Honda engines and pressure washers, generators, log splitters etc. they sell…

…Efficiency has been there from the start: Don Kotula, founder, started Northern Tool as Northern Hydraulics in 1980 – from his garage – selling how-to manuals for log splitters. It quickly grew to other equipment and tools.

Then in 1991 Northern Tool started manufacturing their own brand under the NorthStar name. NorthStar branded products – like NorthStar pressure washers – now account for 20% of sales.

Okay here’s 10 more interesting facts you should know before buying a Northern Tool pressure washer:

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How We Test, Review and Recommend Pressure Washers

How PressureWashr Tests and Recommends Pressure Washers 1Why trust us to help you find the best pressure washer for you?

Because all we do is pressure washers.

We are the only online consumer guide laser-focused on pressure washers that actually buys and tests them.

Yes, there are other publications who buy and test pressure washers but to them it’s just 1 of hundreds maybe thousands of product categories. To them pressure washers are one person’s task for a day or week…

For PressureWashr pressure washers have been the focus for 7 years.

Our expertise was even recognized by Wirecutter (A New York Times Company) who contacted us to help them with their pressure washer buying guide. From their ‘Why you should trust us‘ section:

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How Do I Return My Pressure Washer if I Bought it Online? [FAQ17]

How to return a pressure washerSo you bought your pressure washer online at Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, Costco or Lowe’s and want to return it…

…No big deal.

There are many valid reasons to return your pressure washer – here are a few:

  • It is missing parts like a hose holder or a nozzle
  • It doesn’t work properly and vibrates more than you thought
  • It is damaged on arrival with scratches and dents
  • You are not satisfied with how it works. Maybe the hose is not the quality you expected or the spray wand is too difficult to attach.

Whatever your reason to return your online power washer purchase, all the big e-commerce stores have policies stating they will accept your return within a reasonable timeframe (usually up to 30 – 90 days).

In this article you’ll learn what you need to do to complete the return for each website.

Let’s get started.

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Everything You Ought To Know About CARB Compliant Small Off-Road Engines

What is a CARB Compliant Small Engine Intro ImageDo you like breathing clean air?

Do you like clear blue skies?

Do you live in California?

Yes, yes and yes? Then you’ll love what the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has been doing since 1967 to protect you from the harmful effects of air pollution.

Today we are going to focus on what CARB is doing/has done to regulate small off-road engines (SOREs) like used on pressure washersportable gensets, lawn mowers, leaf blowers and other residential lawn and garden power equipment.

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16 Best YouTube Power Washing Video Channels (For Pressure Washer Repair, How To and Motivation Videos)

Best YouTube Channels For Pressure Washing Videos Intro ImageIf you’re looking for YouTube channels to show you:

  • Instructional pressure washer repair videos
  • What the proper technique and detergent is for the surface you’re cleaning, or
  • One of those oddly satisfying videos showing the pressure washer “painting” the surface clean…

…Then you’re in the right place because this is your hub for the best YouTube power washing video channels.

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5 Little Known Facts About Stanley Pressure Washers

Stanley Pressure Washers Intro ImageStanley pressure washers come in both electric and gas powered styles.

There’s 5 electric and 5 gas models available for you to choose from.

Over the years, Stanley pressure washers have been manufactured by different companies…

Here’s why:

The pressure washer manufacturing companies see the benefit of having the Stanley logo on their product and pay Stanley Black & Decker a licensing fee for the right to use the trademark logo and colors.

This licensing business has become one of Stanley’s most important. You’ll see the Stanley logo on everything from thermoses and home safes to battery chargers and wet/dry vacuums. Although these products all have the Stanley logo they are all made by companies otherwise unrelated to Stanley Black & Decker.

In this article, you’ll learn 5 things about the history and current state of Stanley and Stanley electric and gas pressure washers.

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Pressure Washing Insurance: The Complete Contractors Guide

Pressure washing insurance for your business to protect you from lossesNow that you’ve started a pressure washing business, you’ll want to protect it (and yourself) by purchasing the correct type of insurance.

The cost of pressure washing insurance makes sense because:

  1. You’ll have financial protection in case you damage property or get sued – If you’re pressure cleaning a house and property gets damaged (accident involving flying debris, chemicals killing garden plants etc.) the liability insurance will cover the repair.
  2. You’ll win more jobs (commercial and residential) – 64% of people we surveyed said they would only hire pressure washing services that are insured. The number rose to 87% when told they (not the uninsured contractor) would be liable if property got damaged. Use this info to your advantage… Put details of your top-notch insurance cover in your marketing flyers to increase trust.
  3. It’s affordable – 1 year of workers comp, liability and equipment insurance will only cost you 2 – 3 days revenue (and you get to spread that over instalments). Heck, it pays for itself in reduced anxiety alone. More details on insurance costs below.

PressureWashr has done 64 hours of research and compiled everything into this guide to help you understand everything about a pressure cleaning company’s insurance needs. So let’s dive right in:

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