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Sun Joe SPX3000 vs SPX3001: Model Comparison

The SunJoe brand is a highly-rated electric pressure washer option for homeowners and hobbyists. 

Sun Joe touts itself as one of the best electric pressure washer brands, and is known for it’s high-quality yet affordable residential tools and cleaning solutions. 

We’ve compared Sun Joe’s two top pressure washers on the market today to help you decide which pressure washer is right for you. 

sun joe spx3000 vs sun joe spx 3001
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6 Best Pressure Washer Surface Cleaners

Have you spent hours pressure washing your driveway or your deck with only a pressure washer wand? That experience can be frustrating!

We have a helpful tip for you: Add a pressure washer surface cleaner to your accessories collection. 

Pressure washer surface cleaners are a convenient way to clean your deck, driveway, or garage floor without making a mess. 

They attach to your pressure washer wand to provide a targeted clean and increased efficiency on flat surfaces. The internal spray bar swivels to cover the cleaning surface. You’ll get that driveway or deck job done in half the time. 

We’ve rounding up the best pressure washer surface cleaners, so let’s get into it!

best pressure washer surface cleaners
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How a Pressure Washer Unloader Valve Works

Did you know that you can’t stop pressure washing without turning your machine all the way off? Well, you can, but you shouldn’t.

Without a pressure washer unloader valve, dangerous pressure can build up if you step away to take a phone call, chase your dog, or chat with your neighbor. 

Why? When you let go of the spray wand trigger, the engine is still on, but no pressure is released. This high pressure buildup can cause serious damage to your machine. 

An unloader valve is an essential investment if you’re regularly using your pressure washer. Using this tool will help you avoid costly repairs or replacement by regulating the system pressure. 

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Take a Look at The 22 Most Popular Pressure Washer Brands

According to the number of Google searches made within United States for  “[brand] + pressure washer” Karcher was the most popular pressure washer brand in past years, but has now been overtaken by Ryobi and Sun Joe.

Take a look at the top 22 in this chart and then read a short description of each brand below:

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The Best Boot Dryer To Dry Your Shoes, Boots and Gloves After Pressure Washing

Best Boot DryerDo you like stepping into wet boots or shoes?


Then you need the best boot dryer.

And since your boots/shoes always get wet pressure washing your driveway, car or whatever else, we thought researching the best boot dryers on the market to be a good idea.

After 2 hours of research we found 5 brands and 3 styles of boot dryers to be dominating the market.

In this article we go deep into the brands, types and styles of boot dryer and show you the best on the market.

Let’s jump right in.

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Understanding The Kranzle Pressure Washer – A Practical, Durable and Quality Electric Pressure Washer

Kranzle pressure washer definitive guide intro imgToday we are going as deep as you can on the most practical, durable and high quality electric pressure washer on the market – the Kranzle pressure washer.

At PressureWashr there is no question we get asked more than, “What is the best pressure washer?” It’s a tough question to answer because the best pressure washer for you might be different than for a professional car detailer.

But we understand what they’re getting at. People want to know “the best” all things considered: the price, the quality, the benefits, the specs…

And even with price considered, the Kranzle 1122TST pressure washer, is right near the top electric pressure washer on the market because it will last you many decades with proper care.

Let’s understand how Kranzle has accomplished their goal of “Better Perfect… Than Cheap!”

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