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How Loud are Pressure Washers Compared to Other Home Goods? [FAQ16]

Pressure Washer Noise Level Chart and VideoWill using your electric pressure washer for 8 hrs/day cause hearing damage?

What about using a gas pressure washer for 4 hrs/day?

And how loud are pressure washers compared to blenders, vacuums and other home goods?

Today you will see how loud pressure washer and other stuff is in chart comparison and video form.

First, check out this noise level chart showing the decibel levels of pressure washers and other common sounds.

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The Best Cover For Your Pressure Washer to Protect Against Rust & Dust When Not in Use

Best Pressure Washer Cover on Honda Powered Pressure WasherThis guide has everything you need to know about pressure washer covers.

So if you want to extend the life of your top power washer – by protecting it from rust, dust, the sun and small animals – you’re in the right place.

Here’s what we’ll look at:

  • Why you need a pressure washer cover
  • What material and size/fit it should be
  • When and how to use it; and,
  • Which is the best one on the market and where to get it at the best price.

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Will Battery Powered Pressure Washers Dominate The Industry?

Everything About Battery Powered Electric Pressure WashersPrediction: 2026 will be the first year battery powered pressure washer sales beat corded electric sales.

To get there we’ll need to double current best battery power density and cut the cost by 50%.

This isn’t insane, it’s inevitable.

This rapid battery improvement by 2026 will allow for a cordless pressure washer that has 2-3 hours run-time before needing charge, 10-20% more cleaning power than today’s corded electric options and costs in the under $300 range – around the same price as the more expensive corded electric Karcher’s on the market today.

Here’s how it’s possible:

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Which are the Best Waterproof Boots for Pressure Washing? [FAQ015]

Best waterproof boots for pressure washingHere’s the deal:

It’s possible you pressure wash barefoot your entire life without problems.


Every time you do, you run the risk of losing your toe, foot or even your leg up to the knee.

Yes, these are rare injuries… But they aren’t unheard of. A high pressure injection injury happened on my job site a few years ago and the guy lost all motor function in his right thumb for 6 months.

The best waterproof boots for pressure washing will not only protect you from these injection injuries but also from slipping, getting wet socks (and thus cold feet and blisters) and from flying debris like rocks.

And the best thing about owning the best pair of waterproof boots is they can also be used:

  • When camping
  • Shovelling snow
  • Fishing
  • Doing yard work, or
  • Walking in muddy and wet conditions.

Let’s jump right in and talk about the importance of protective footwear when pressure washing (even if it’s just around your house).

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Briggs and Stratton Gas Pressure Washer Teardown (With picture of its 319 parts organized neatly)

Intro Image Disassembled Gas Power WasherIn July we shared an image of a disassembled electric pressure washer with its parts organized neatly.

It got 18,057 views in 1 day after making it to the top of the r/knolling forum on

People loved it and were asking for more…

…Since posting the article 4 weeks ago we received 52 emails asking for a gas pressure washer teardown.

So of course we’ll deliver that for you today – you’ll see the completed teardown below.

Take a look:

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21 Thought Experiments to Show The Enormous Water Volume in Lake Baikal – Earth’s Deepest, Most Voluminous and Oldest Lake

Lake Baikal Thought ExperimentsThe amount of water in Lake Baikal – the world’s deepest and most voluminous lake – is more than all 5 North American Great Lakes combined + a second Lake Erie + a Crater Lake.

Officially, Lake Baikal, in Southern Siberia, has 23,013 cubic kilometers of water. That’s 20% of Planet Earth’s surface freshwater.

But volume is much harder to think about than distance. So here’s 21 thought experiments to try and help you visualize how much friggin’ water it has.

Let’s start:

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Induction vs Universal Motors in Pressure Washers – Pros and Cons [FAQ014]

Induction vs Universal Motor Pressure WasherThe two types of motors to power electric pressure washers are induction and universal motors.

You will see induction motors in more expensive commercial-duty pressure washers and universal motors in light and medium-duty residential grade machines.

The gist of the reason for this is induction motors are much larger/heavier and more expensive for the power it provides compared to universal motors. However, they are also more rugged, quieter and will have a longer lifespan.

In this guide you will learn the pros and cons of induction vs universal motors in pressure washers and we’ll show you what an induction and universal motor looks like by taking a look inside my Lavor Eagle and AR Blue Clean electric pressure cleaners.

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