A pressure washer is a unique tool.

Out of the box it helps you to clean surfaces easier because the combination of high pressure water, soap or detergent and heat (if you have a hot water pressure washer) removes stains, grime and mold with zero issue.

But you can also increase the cleaning capacity and performance of your pressure washer with certain aftermarket attachments. These turn your power washer multi-functional: Safely clean your car, your garbage can, your BBQ grill and more.


…These are the attachments you can add to your pressure washer. They are designed to help clean specific surfaces without damaging them.

Match a pressure washer attachment to your needs:

9 Pressure Washer Attachments That Will Make Your Outdoor Cleaning Fun and Effortless

1. Surface Cleaners

Surface Cleaner AR Blue Clean 10 inch

Help to clean flat surfaces faster and more consistently.

They distribute the pressure spray over a large area with an internal rotating nozzle bar. The round enclosure contains the overspray within ensuring flying debris doesn’t damage the surrounding garden, flowers or vehicles.

A surface cleaner is especially affective when cleaning large areas like driveways, garage floors and decks.

Popular brands include Yamaha, Generac, Simpson, Karcher, PowerFit and Briggs & Stratton.

How to know which surface cleaner to get?

Surface cleaner suitability is based on your pressure washer PSI. The higher your PSI the more expensive the surface cleaner. In addition, you can choose the diameter you want.

2. Brushes

Karcher Rotating Scrub Brush For Pressure Washing

Same idea as the surface cleaner, a brush helps clean faster by enabling the dirt and grime to be brushed away while the pressure spray caries away the dirt and adds safe water pressure to the surface.

Great for boats, cars, wheelie trash bins and patio furniture.

Most of these pressure washer brushes rotate so they actively push dirt and grime off the surface without any effort on your part.

Most of the companies offer their own brand of rotating brush including: Karcher and Sun Joe.

3. Turbo Tips

Turbo Nozzle

A great addition to your pressure washing tool-bag. A rotary turbo nozzle rotates a 0-degree jet of water at 3000 rpm to pulse through tough grime. The jet of water rotates so fast from the nozzle that it appears as a cone shape, covering an area similar to a 25-degree nozzle.

Often used with the top-rated power cleaners on concrete surfaces like sidewalks, parking lots and driveways. And often used to remove tough objects like gum, oil and grease.

4. Lances and Wands

AR North America Telescoping Lance

Your pressure washer will come with a stock wand, but you can upgrade to, for example:

  • A telescoping wand
  • A steel wand
  • A longer wand with quick connect
  • A wand that has a nozzle to adjust the pressure by turning it.

A telescoping lance is great for reaching your 2nd-story or your gutters. All professionals have one because they add a degree of safety by not having to use ladders to reach those 2nd-story windows.

You can get them with 36′ extension capability or just 6′ – up to you. But regardless, you’ll want to take a serious look at purchasing one if you plan on cleaning your gutters or second story house siding. It’ll be much easier with one.

5. Brooms

Pressure Washer Broom

You could say a pressure washer broom is a combination of surface cleaner and rotating scrub brush. You connect the end of your pressure washer lance to the top of the broom and the broom distributes the spray into 2 or 3 nozzle sprays – blasting clean a wider area with each pass. Like surface cleaners these pressure washer attachments enable quick work of large flat areas.

You roll them along the surface and they clean with 2 or 3 sprays – each is an affective but gentle spray to ensure the surface is cleaned but not damaged. A surface cleaner rotates a jet spray so they will actually clean tougher surfaces better than these brooms.

6. Foam Cannons

Detergent Foam Lance

Add pressure washer soap or detergent to the mix to aid the cleaning!

A foamer attaches to the end of your wand or spray gun and sprays the surface with soapy foam. Soap help pull the dirt particles from the surface so when you go over them with the jet of water it is removed from the surface.

Foamers are great for your boat or car – especially if your machine didn’t come with detergent tanks out-of-the-box.

7. Spray Guns

Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer Gun

You can upgrade or replace your spray gun to one with stainless-steel and brass components for greater life and durability.

Since most electric pressure washers will come with a plastic spray gun it is great that you can buy an after-market one to improve your pressure cleaning experience.

8. Water filters

Water Filter for Pressure Washer

Keep contaminants out of your pump with a water filter.

Especially important if your mains water comes from a well or dam.

These are very affordable and make a great addition for your pressure washing arsenal. If you live on a farm or get your water from a rain collection tank be sure to connect a water filter between your pressure pump and the feed line.

9. Pressure Washer PSI Gauge

PSI Gauge Testing Simpson Pressure Washer With Text

One of the best pressure washers attachments is a pressure washer gauge. When you attach a gauge to your pressure washer, you can monitor the performance of your machine.

Gauges attach quickly and easily and help you deliver an efficient and powerful clean every time.


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