Which are the Best Waterproof Boots for Pressure Washing?

Here’s the deal:

It’s possible you pressure wash barefoot your entire life without problems.


Every time you do, you run the risk of losing your toe, foot or even your leg up to the knee.

Yes, these are rare injuries… But they aren’t unheard of. A high pressure injection injury happened on my job site a few years ago and the guy lost all motor function in his right thumb for 6 months.

The best waterproof boots for pressure washing will not only protect you from these injection injuries but also from slipping, getting wet socks (and thus cold feet and blisters) and from flying debris like rocks.

And the best thing about owning the best pair of waterproof boots is they can also be used:

  • When camping
  • Shovelling snow
  • Fishing
  • Doing yard work, or
  • Walking in muddy and wet conditions.

Let’s jump right in and talk about the importance of protective footwear when pressure washing (even if it’s just around your house).

Don’t Pressure Wash Barefoot or in Sandals, Here’s Why


It’s pretty simple:


Pressure washers add energy to water so it can blast out the nozzle and push dirt from surfaces.

Put your foot in its way and the high speed water will be full force on your skin. If you’re lucky you’ll only get a surface cut. If you’re unlucky and using the 0-degree nozzle you risk a high pressure injection injury. How do you know if it’s one or the other? You need an x-ray to find out.

Risk To Others

Sandals are awkward to walk in and you risk tripping and losing control of the pressure washer wand. This could happen while you’re holding down the trigger resulting in spraying nearby family or friends in the body or face.

Why You’ll Love Wearing Waterproof Boots When You’re Pressure Washing

The biggest complaint we hear from people why they don’t wear knee high waterproof boot is they are uncomfortable and ugly. So when picking the top waterproof boots for pressure washing we kept it in mind – they have to at least be nice looking and comfortable.

Top 5 Reasons To Wear Big Boots Pressure Cleaning  

In no specific order:


I don’t know about you but I don’t love stepping on small rocks, slime, mildew or muddy concrete – these are all inevitable when pressure washing driveways, decks and concrete pools. Wearing protective boots will keep your feet immersed in cushy boots instead of stabby small rocks and dirt.


Aside from the high pressure (PSI) water there are other hazards when pressure cleaning. Flying debris can reflect back and hit your ankle. If you’re using a hot water pressure washer the water can be very hot and knee high boots protect your feet and legs.


The waterproof boots we recommend below are made of high grade rubber to take a beating for many years.

Less Laundry

Keeping your socks and lower pants dry and clean means you don’t have to wash them when done. That’s always a plus.


The best boots have a sturdy reinforced sole and toe to make them look more like work boots than straight rain boots. They also have a hugging effect at the calf area to form fit when your pants are tucked in.

What Makes Footwear Waterproof?

There is no defined footwear industry standard for what is waterproof, water resistant and water repellant, and what is not. It’s up to the maker of the footwear to decide how they want to market the boot.

When looking for the best waterproofness it comes down to materials used in the product. A waterproof hiking boot by GORE-TEX, for example, has an internal waterproof sock-like”>

When it comes to pressure washing boots they are made from rubber and keep all the water from reaching your socks because the rubber is a barrier and provides 100% waterproofness, water resistantance, water repellant etc.

Okay, let’s show you the best pressure washing safety boots for most people.

Best Boots for Pressure Washing

The Original Muckboots

The Muck Boot Company started making waterproof boots in 1999. The brand was acquired by Honeywell (along with sister brands Northerner and Ranger) for $1.2 billion in 2008.

Original Muck Boot Company Waterproof Boots for Pressure Washing

These boots are comfortable, rugged and 100% waterproof due to their high grade rubber construction and EVA (expensive soccer cleats’ material) sockliner.

You can probably tell the upper leg portion of the boot is made with a more breathable looking material… It is a patented material called “XpressCool” that allows your leg and foot to have some breathability while staying dry.

See price on Amazon here…

Rugged Shark Deck Boot

Another great option that is more affordable is this boot by Rugged Shark.

Rugged Shark Waterproof Boots

You can get it in black or white and you’ll notice it doesn’t go up as high on your leg.

It is specially designed for fishing decks so the makers have put a “Shark-Grip” sole on the boot to prevent slipping. Pretty cool, especially if you plan on using these boot for fishing as well as pressure cleaning.

See on Amazon here…

The Best Steel-toe Waterproof Boot for Most People

Original Muckboots with Steel Toe

These are from the Original Muck Boot Company, as well, and are the best waterproof boots with steel-toe for your jobsite pressure cleaning jobs.

Steel toe Waterproof Muck Boot for Pressure Cleaning

They have triple reinforced toe and quadruple heel reinforcements so you can be sure these boots will last more than just one season.

See full specs here…

Video Review of the Original Muck Boots

Check out this two minute review of the boots:


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