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Top 10 Pressure Washing Service Company Blogs (That Are Actually Worth Reading)

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Did you know less than 10% of pressure washing service company websites have blogs?

Yep. And only 1 in a 100 blog more than once a month.

Our search took nearly 7 hours (and some serious Google trickery) but it was worth it…

Below are 10 pressure washing service company blogs worth reading. 170 total were reviewed before finding 10. Standards were high and pressure washing companies have better things to do, right?

The thing is: A blog brings in prospective customers if you keep it up to date and provide useful how-to tips and insights. I want to acknowledge the pressure washing service companies putting in the effort.

On this page you will find:

  • Links to the top blogs and why they’re included.
  • Some information about the pressure washing company / service responsible for the top blog.
  • A map of where the company is (in case you’re looking to hire?)

What is a Good Pressure Washing Business?

My criteria was simple, the blog needed to have the following characteristics:

  • Have regular updates for at least the last 6 months.
  • Have helpful information for the reader instead of just information about the company.
  • Come from a reputable company with insurance, licenses etc.

Top 10 Pressure Washing Service Company Blogs Worth Reading (In No Specific Order)

Here they are. The top 10. In the order I came across them while searching.

1. Revive Power Washing

About The Blog and Company

The Revive Power Wash blog has a good mix of tips, before and after photos, videos and how we work type posts stretching back to March 2014. The services Revive can provide for you are: residential house washing, graffiti removal, awning cleaning, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, rust removal, commercial pressure washing and other general washing like driveways and patios. The company is licensed, insured and UAMCC (United Association of Commercial Contractor Cleaners) Certified. UAMCC is a pressure washing organization that supports the industry and other mobile contract cleaning industry’s workers. You can go to their instant quote page to receive a price for your pressure washing needs.

Company Location:

2. Action Pressure Washing

About The Blog and Company

The Action Pressure Washing blog has been regularly updated since January 2011. Articles cover a wide range of information including: environmentally friendly pressure washing, cleaning a home, sidewalk cleaning, how to clean wood decks, commercial cleaning information, news and specials for hiring the company. Gregg Hart, the owner at Action, has been pressure washing since 1991. They pride themselves on following all EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) laws relevant to their service area of the Bay Area, California. They offer free estimates if you ring the number above if you’re in need of any pressure washing services and live in the Bay Area.

Company Location:

3. Pressure Washing Clearwater

About The Blog and Company

The Pressure Washing Clearwater blog is a great resource for information about power washing in Florida and their is also lots of How-to videos and articles for you to read. It has a personal feel to it with lots of pictures of the owner and the things he cleans. It has been updated every few weeks or so since August 2012. Mauricio purchased the company, which was established in 1996, in 2009 to start cleaning properties around Tampa Bay. There are plenty of testimonials on the website and a free quote page as well that offers 10% discount for new customers.

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Company Location:

4. About Time Pressure Washing

About The Blog and Company

About Time Pressure Washing blog dates back to March 2012 and features information on everything from wood restoration and concrete sealing to removing mold from a house and cleaning commercial parking lots. There’s a bunch of videos showing them do their cleaning and many pictures of the results. They claim to have cleaned over 1000 houses in the Greater Atlanta area as well as lots of commercial work like fleet washing, restaurants and commercial building window cleaning. If you need some residential or commercial pressure washing in the Atlanta area then About Time is a great option.

Company Location:

5. Clean and Green Solutions

About The Blog and Company

Doug Rucker, the owner of Clean and Green Solutions, is the current President of the UAMCC (United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners). The UAMCC is a network of committed cleaning contractors that join to improve their business and knowledge of the industry.

Clean and Green Solutions blog has updates dating back to March 2011. There’s 104 articles in the blog with tips on pressure cleaning all types of surfaces. There’s a free quote page on the website if you’re in the Houston area in need of power washing services.

Company Location:

6. Pro Power Wash

About The Blog and Company

Ron Musgraves, the owner of Pro Power Wash, is the past president of the UAMCC. The link above is to his blog on the forum he runs called Pressure Washing Institute. He shares tons of information related to the pressure washing industry and is very active outside the blog in posts on the forum.

Company Location:

7. KC Power Clean

  • Blog: KC Power Clean Blog
  • Owner: Kris Cook
  • Phone Number: 714-342-5326 or Kris [at] KCPowerClean [dot] com

About The Blog and Company

The KC Power Clean blog has information on asphalt cleaning, concrete cleaning, dustless brushing, house washing, paint stripping, general pressure washing, roof cleaning, rust removal and water recovery. There’s 105 articles in total and many more photos of pressure washing jobs the company has done. KC Power Clean can do your power washing – whether commercial or residential – so if you’re in the Brea/LA/Anaheim  area give them a call.

Company Location:

8. Innovative Glass Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing

About The Blog and Company

Innovative Glass does window cleaning and power washing services in the Knoxville, Tennessee area. The blog has been around since December 2013 and has 48 articles. The articles are mostly tips, how-to and company offers posts. If you visit the website you can get a free quote for service you may require in the Knoxville area.

Company Location:

9. Judge Services

  • Blog: Judge Service Blog
  • Owner: Josh Judge
  • Phone Number: 618-525-3406 or JudgeService [at] hotmail [dot] com

About The Blog and Company

Judge Services is a painting, power washing and gutter cleaning company with 12 years experience in the Carbondale, Illinois area. The home page is the blog, and has videos, tips and tons of photos.

Company Location:

10. Your Pressure Washing Company Blog Here?

Do you own a pressure washing services company and blog often?

Let me know on Twitter or Facebook and I’ll take a look.

About the author: Jamey has been testing and reviewing top pressure washers for 7 years. He worked as a commercial pressure washer at a rendering plant for 3 years and all up has been using commercial and residential pressure washers for 15+ years. He is also a mechanical engineer and while working in the mining industry designed several turn-key light industrial vehicle wash pads.