How Loud are Pressure Washers Compared to Other Home Goods? [FAQ16]

Will using your electric pressure washer for 8 hrs/day cause hearing damage?

What about using a gas pressure washer for 4 hrs/day?

And how loud are pressure washers compared to blenders, vacuums and other home goods?

Today you will see how loud pressure washer and other stuff is in chart comparison and video form.

Pressure Washer Noise Level Chart and Video

First, check out this noise level chart showing the decibel levels of pressure washers and other common sounds.

Note that increasing the decibels by 10 doubles the loudness for you. For example: a 12-gauge shotgun (160 dB) is twice as loud as a pistol (150 dB) because it is 10 dB more.

Noise Level Chart Showing Decibel Levels By

You can see from the chart that pressure washers, lawn mowers and other power equipment is in the 75 – 105 dB level.

This means if you are using it all day you should wear hearing protection to avoid longterm damage.

Let’s hear a pressure washer sound level in video compared to a blender, vacuum, gas pressure washer, lawn mower and Dremel tool.

Hear How Loud Pressure Washers Are:

What did you hear? Which did you think was the loudest?

The nameplate sound pressure level of the tool and home goods shown in the video are:

  • Universal motor electric pressure washer: 94 dBa
  • Blender: 89 dBa
  • Dremel rotary tool: 78 dBa
  • Hoover smart vacuum: 72 dBa
  • Induction motor electric pressure cleaner: 88 dBa
  • Gas pressure washer: 100 dBa
  • Lawn mower: 97 dBa

Wrap Up

The induction motor machine produces a less whiney sound than the universal motor – it is more pleasant on the ears to use.

The Honda engine gas machine is loud but not a problem without hearing protection for short uses (less than an hour per day or so).

By the way… How well do you know your power equipment?

Here’s a fun quiz: