Starting a pressure washing business can be somewhat of a daunting and stressful journey to embark on.

There is definitely potential within the industry for businesses to be incredibly profitable, especially with the low start up costs and high volume of customers.

Marketing your business is an important part of growing your pressure washing business. There is a significant amount of industry competition, so setting yourself apart from the rest however possible is important.

One of the ways to do this is to design and produce a stellar business card that you can distribute and hopefully drum up some business!

Let’s discuss pressure washing business cards, their uses and how to go about designing an effective business card that you can be proud of.

Are Business Cards Outdated?

how to design a bussiness card for pressure washing

The modern day validity of business cards and whether or not they have become outdated over recent years has become a popular debate.

At one point in time, business cards were a must have and every self-respecting business owner was equipped with a stack of their own at all times.

With all of the incredible advancements in technology and social media, the tangible business card has definitely lost some of its popularity. Company information can be found at the click of a button on websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and several other places online.

Social media has made the ability to foster digital connections incredibly easy, and as a result, many business owners and people in general are choosing to forego the business card.

Despite the reasons that support the fact that business cards are outdated, there are a number of positive aspects to a modern day business card. There are appropriate moments and instances in which they will shine and prove their worth.

Business cards are still the fastest way to exchange information when in person, and serve as a physical reminder of you and your business. This is something that an Instagram page cannot do.

Having something tangible to distribute provides that unique, extra personal characteristic. Many of the more old-school people will appreciate a well designed business card, and will likely be more inclined to contact you.

Your pressure washing business can definitely benefit from a sleek business card that is used strategically to increase awareness and build a customer base.

Does My Pressure Washing Business Need Business Cards?

logo on card

Whether or not your pressure washing business needs business cards or not depends on a number of things.

First of all, the marketing approach that you plan to implement for your business may not justify the need to design and print business cards. If your customer base is being mainly built through radio and television ads or an email marketing campaign, then investing in creating pressure washing business cards isn’t really necessary.

On the other hand, if you plan to adopt a marketing strategy that is more focused towards in-person networking and real life interactions, a well designed pressure washing business card could be a great tool.

This would benefit business owners who are looking to do some door-to-door advertising or attend pressure washing trade shows and networking events.

Any style of marketing that involves personal contact and face to face interaction will be supplemented very well by a quality company business card that can be directly distributed to prospects and other industry partners.

How To Design A Pressure Washing Business Card

pressure washing bussines card design

Designing a high quality business card that provides the most important information about you and your company is crucial.

Here are some of the main things to remember when designing your pressure washing business card.

1. Specify Services

To start, it is important to briefly outline the services that your pressure washing business offers. Keep it simple and to the point. Something like, “professional pressure washers.

Driveways, decks, doors and more.” This will give customers an idea of where your expertise lies, which will help build confidence in the choice to contact you for help.

2. Contact Information

Your pressure washing business cards should have all of the relevant information a potential customer would need to contact you and book a job.

Things like your business email, direct line phone numbers, your company website and even a fax number can be printed onto your cards. Be sure to pick a font and colour that is clear and legible.

3. Logo & Design

moder logos

If you have a high quality logo that isn’t too big or flashy, and would look nice on paper, it is always a good idea to work it into your business card design. Place it in a location that doesn’t draw too much attention away from the important details on the card.

The design of the entire card will often be based on the logo and its characteristics. Choose a color scheme and design features that will make an impression, while accurately representing your business and its values.


Creating business cards for your pressure washing business is something that should definitely be considered, but in some cases may not be necessary.

We have discussed some of the scenarios in which business cards are a strong tool to have, and reasons why they may not be as much of a necessity for your business. Although many believe that the concept of a business card has become outdated, there are some aspects that remain useful in the right situations.

We also covered the important aspects of designing an effective pressure washing business card, if you so choose to go that route.

Consider these factors and ask yourself if making the investment to design and print business cards is the right choice for you!