In order to grow your pressure washing business and acquire more customers, it is important to make an effort to implement a good set of marketing strategies.

There are a number of strategies that can work, but finding the best ones for your business and your budget can be somewhat of a task.

Let’s discuss why marketing is so important, some of the marketing strategy styles and what they do, as well as how to choose the best strategy for you and your business.

Why Is Marketing Important for a Pressure Washing Business?

Why Is Marketing Important

There are so many reasons why marketing is important for business owners of all sizes and industries. Here are some of the main reasons that marketing is crucial for success.

Customer Education

From more of a surface level view, marketing is something that will educate and inform your potential customer base.

What is it that you are offering? What value does it bring to customers? Marketing is the most effective way to deliver your value proposition to an audience in a creative manner.

Cost Effectiveness

High quality marketing platforms and applications are more accessible now than they ever have been. You don’t need to be a big corporation with a healthy marketing budget to run an effective campaign for your business.

Today, marketing costs are lower than ever, which is helping level the playing field for small businesses in development. This provides the ability to launch professional marketing campaigns that can compete with larger pressure washing companies, without breaking the bank.

Sustains Presence

Marketing is incredibly important for maintaining the relevance and presence of your business within your market.

Businesses need to create and maintain relationships and rapport with their consumers, and a properly managed marketing campaign will do just that. Marketing isn’t a one-off type deal, it is something that is ongoing and allows for constant, long-lasting relationships.


Sales Building strategies

One of the more obvious reasons marketing is important is the fact that it is what helps to drive sales for your business.

The goal is to make money, and regardless of how great your product or service is, a lack of effective marketing will not reflect well on the bottom line. The intra industry competition for sales between businesses will be heavily affected by the quality of their marketing strategies.


Engaging your customers is in many ways the core aspect of a successful business. In order to draw potential customers in, you need to provide content that peaks their interest and drives attention to your business.

When the relationship with your brand has been created, it is important to continuously reinforce that bond with consistent content that engages.


Building your initial customer base is an important part of the marketing process, and will help get your business off the ground.

Current customers should always be a main focus, however continuing to build and reaching new customers should also be a priority. Effective marketing strategies will play a key role in the overall growth of your business, which will translate into sustained success.

Marketing Strategies For A Pressure Washing Business

ideas for pressure washing marketing

In order to maximize your marketing efforts for your pressure washing business, it is important to focus on a few well chosen strategies.

Let’s outline a few of our favorite marketing strategies that may work well for your pressure washing business.

Social Media Marketing

One of the strongest forms of online marketing is social media marketing. Build a presence for your pressure washing business on a variety of platforms (like Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube) in order to expand your brand’s audience and potential reach.

When consumers see your business offering good content on a regular basis, they will naturally be more inclined to give you their business or recommend you to others.

SEO Web Content

SEO in pressure washing marketing

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is a very important piece of the marketing puzzle. Use search engine optimization in all of your pressure washing marketing in order to help ensure your content finds the right audience.

This strategy involves the continuous optimization of the word used on your website, in blog posts, in social media captions etc.. The goal is to have your content ranking high on search engine results page (SERP), which is done by using the right combination of keywords that will lead consumers to your business. 

If someone searches “pressure washing services”, search engine optimized web content that ranks well will have more visibility than content that does not.

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns have been proven to be one of the most effective marketing tools for a number of reasons. These campaigns are fairly simple to develop and deploy, all you really need other than the structure and content is the email list itself!

Maintain an email list that contains both past/current customers as well as prospects, and send them a properly tailored newsletter, promotion or other short refresher periodically. This is an effective way to keep clients informed and engaged with your business, while targeting new clients as well.


Coming up with a high quality marketing strategy is a very important step in the launch and development of your business. This is true for businesses of all sizes in any industry.

We have discussed some of the main factors that make marketing such an important part of the business development process, including things like growth, engagement, customer education and others.

We also covered a few of the most effective pressure washing marketing strategies and what they entail. This breakdown included the strengths of email marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimized web content.

There are many other potentially effective strategies for pressure washing business owners to consider, but these are a few of our favorites. Consider everything we have discussed and apply this knowledge to creating the best possible marketing plan for your pressure washing business.

Remember that regardless of your budget size, an effective marketing strategy can be developed and launched. Best of luck to all!