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What Would Water Depth Be If You Emptied Each State’s Biggest Lake Onto The Land? [Geo Chart]

empty bodies of water to land

What would happen if you took the water from each state’s biggest lake and distributed it evenly over the land?

How deep a pool would each state become?

In the geo chart (created by below this information is revealed. However, you must know, the Great Lakes were not included because they are simply too big to create a meaningful geo chart distribution. Lake Superior would turn Wisconsin into a 71.3 metre deep pool. Whereas most of the states’ biggest lakes turn them into multiple centimetre deep pools.

How deep a pool would your state be?

What if Empty Lakes onto State Land Geo Chart

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Method Used To Create Geo Chart

  1. To create this geo chart data for the biggest volume lakes in the USA were taken from this Wikipdeia page and from when a state did not have a lake on the Wiki page.
  2. Then the biggest lake in each state was matched up with the state in an excel sheet. The area of the state in km2 and the volume of the lake in km3. Many lakes cross state lines so when that occurred I went into Google Maps and visually gauged which state it was more in (nothing too scientific here).
  3. Once I matched up each state with a lake I divided the area from the volume (depth = volume/area) to get the depth.
  4. This information was then charted on a geo chart in Google Sheets.

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